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Combating the damaging effects of EMF overload at home

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By Summer Lane

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At the Counter Culture Mom Show this week, Tina discussed the deadly effects of EMF (electric & magnetic fields) overload and 5G radiation with several experts in the field, including RF engineer Scarlet Daoud and DefenderShield CEO Daniel DeBaun.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to recognize that the world of “smart” technology might just be making everyone sick instead of smarter. Too much television, for example, tends to have a terrible effect on a toddlers’ mood. Being on the computer too late before bed can mess with our sleep patterns.

Some have even suggested that using cellphones can cause problems or, possibly, cancer in the human brain, according to some studies.

So, in light of the electromagnetic radiation and radio waves swirling around us, unseen, every day, how can we possibly raise our children in a healthy and safe environment? Here are some common-sense tips for going device-free (or mostly device free) in the sanctuary of your own home.

Please keep in mind that I nor the CCM team are in no way medical professionals, and this article is not meant to replace or usurp the opinion of a medical provider. These are just simple tricks that I have applied in my own home life with my daughter to maintain a better sense of technological equilibrium!

Keep TV or tablet time to a minimum

Technology is a part of our world – we can’t hide from it! Most of us complete the bulk of our workday on a computer or smartphone of some kind, and so we have to be realistic about how impossible it would be to simply cut off all forms of technology from our homes (say goodbye to your JBL backyard speaker!).

To that end, as someone whose entire life revolves around computer work and internet usage, I have taken practical steps to ensure that technology and its effects don’t take a toll on my family after my work hours are done.

I recommend keeping television consumption and tablet time to a privileged minimum. One hour of tablet time a day, for example, against three hours of outdoor playtime could be a comfortable ratio. The tech stuff should always consume the minority of your kids’ day, in my opinion.

I also heavily caution against placing televisions or tablets in your kids’ room. The more technology they consume, the more negative effects it will likely have on their mood, their posture, their breathing, and their overall attitude! I understand that it’s easier to put your kid in a room and turn on the TV, but long term, it’s bad for the kids. There’s a time for TV consumption (like when your little one is down and out with a flu and can only lay on the couch, eat saltine crackers, and indulge in episodes of Doc McStuffins), but it shouldn’t be a routine part of their lives.

Focus on living outside

The great outdoors was created by God, and frankly, we were created to be outside creatures! We weren’t meant to exist inside a box all day, staring at a screen or talking with a smart phone glued to the side of our heads!

Focus on getting outside, breathing fresh air, and basking in the warm sunshine. CCM guest Gina Paeth this week recommends the practice of “grounding,” or walking on the earth with your bare feet. There is something incredibly healing about connecting with God’s creation – Adam and Eve were created initially to walk with God and to work in the Garden of Eden, and until the Fall, they didn’t even wear clothes!

What does that tell you about how closely intertwined humanity was originally meant to be with God’s natural world?

Start a garden, play games outside, go stargazing, draw with chalk on the sidewalk, ride bicycles through the neighborhood, and walk your dog. Plan a picnic with your littles – I do this with my daughter whenever I get the chance! I’ll pack a “lunch,” spread a blanket out on the grass, and we’ll have a nice, peaceful picnic together outside. I highly recommend engaging in these kinds of simple little activities – they’re good for both of you and what’s more, it creates lifetime memories for your children!

The sky’s the limit when it comes to getting outside. Kids and adults alike will always feel better after a wonderful day of outdoor activities.

Eat healthy and stay unplugged at night

Focus on filling your family’s body with food that will feed their brain and promote healing. Today’s overly processed foods are stripped of their nutritional value and instead injected with dyes, sugars, and chemicals, in many cases. Go organic, grow your own veggies if you can, and focus on cutting back on sugars. Instead, aim for fiber, good fats, and protein. Kick soda to the curb (it’s a huge trigger for bad behavior for my kid!), get rid of the processed crackers and snacks, and get on board with feeding your family the foods that God created for us.

Another helpful hint: unplug from your devices at least two hours before bedtime, if possible. Keep cellphones far away from your bed at night so that you’re not tempted to peek at social media! Your brain will unwind faster and relax quicker if you can tune out the white noise of technology!

To learn more about protecting yourself from the effects of EMF, check out these highlights from this week’s EMF and 5G radiation week at CCM!



Gina Paeth

In a world being rocked by poisonous EMF radiation, Gina Paeth is providing a shield of protection for concerned Americans with her company, Redemption Shield. In 2020, Gina was consistently low on energy, and that’s when she realized she was sensitive to EMF radiation. She kick-started Redemption Shield to protect the thousands of other people negatively affected by the radiation waves wreaking havoc on their immune systems. She discusses the symptoms of EMF overload, the importance of natural grounding, and the difference between non-ionizing versus ionizing radio waves. Even pets love being outdoors so they can be grounded from the bombardment of high frequency.

Daniel DeBaun

Daniel DeBaun is the CEO and co-founder of DefenderShield, which focuses on protecting people from the dangerous EMF and radio signals from cell phones, tablets, and laptops. With more than 30 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, Daniel poured his wealth of experience into creating products, which shield users from the potentially cancer-causing signals coming from a wide range of tech gadgets. In addition, Daniel offers critical pointers on safe smartphone usage that will protect users from unintentionally “frying” their brains with unhealthy and unnatural WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, and radio signals. 

Summer Lane is the #1 bestselling author of 30 books, including the hit Collapse Series and Resurrection Series. She is an experienced journalist and columnist who reports on news within the U.S. and abroad. She is the Associate Editor for Right Side Broadcasting Network. Additionally, she analyzes politics and policies on The Write Revolution.

Summer is also a mom and wife who enjoys rural country living, herding cats, and gardening. She is passionate about writing on women’s issues, parenting, and politics from a theologically-grounded perspective that points readers to the good news of the gospel.

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