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Speaking at the Activate Youth Conference in Hamilton, MS

2016 recap:

It has been one exciting year of ministry! Thank you for your support! Over the past year, we changed the ministry name from Tina Marie Live! to Counter Culture Mom. Now that I am a homeschooling mom of four young kids, I wanted to focus on educating and equipping moms on how they can safely navigate today’s pop culture. By helping moms stay updated through my weekly Pop Culture Alerts via blog/video/radio, they will know what to watch out for and how to keep their kids safe.

I am currently doing a weekly FB live video on the top 3 entertainment issues each week and how they personally impact our families. One of our recent most viewed clips got over 5,000 hits in 48 hours. It covered the issue of pornography in many of the top selling video games along with Minecraft Sex Mods available on YouTube where kids are accidentally finding this grotesque content while looking up video game tips. Our YouTube channel includes many videos to educate parents as well.

Another exciting thing that transpired this year is that I was asked to create 20, two minute radio spots for a local Christian radio station. I wrote and produced my first 23 radio spots this summer which have been playing in the Midwest on various stations since August – getting excellent feedback. Listen HERE on the SoundCloud page. Blog posts such as Beyonce’ admitting she is demon possessed and her influence on young girls has gotten a ton of views just in the last few months. So we know these topics are needed and we are just getting started.


Students at a San Diego high school planned a school wide CD and Video game smashing party. Lives were challenged and changed during this weeklong Hollywood Exposed event.

Live shows throughout the country happened this past year as well – from Minnesota to South Carolina to Mississippi. Many teens, college students and parents heard The Hollywood Exposed message and are on FIRE to make changes and be on alert as to what media they allow into their homes.

The feedback from parents, event planners and teens who have been changed and challenged from our message, can be seen on the column to the right. THANK YOU for partnering with us either through prayers or financial support. We love having you on board, helping us reach the masses with the truth!



Many teens wrote down horrific family situations, shameful past events and fears on this huge canvas at a youth event in Idaho 2014. Tina shared God’s truth with them that He forgives and their identity is NOT in what they’ve done in the past!

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North Central University two day chapel tour.

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