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of the Pop Culture Purge Tour

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Pop Culture Purge Tour


Woman Headshot

Tina Griffin

Former Actress | Pop Culture Expert

Hollywood Exposed

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Today's Pop Culture and it's influence on youth

Alex McFarland

Worldview & Culture Expert

Biblical Worldview

The most important thing no one is talking about

Angie Camp

Christian Counselor

Sexual Abuse/Sex Trafficking

Learn about a predator's methodology, prevention, and intervention in this gripping testimony from a survivor

Brian Cole

Former Satanist to Pastor

Satanism, Witchcraft & the Occult

Recognize the tactics used by the enemy to encourage youth to join the occult along with red flags of dabbling in witchcraft

Missie Carra

Parents’ Rights Advocate

The Public School Pipeline to Planned Parenthood

Learn how to mobilize parents and protect your children

Amy, Pop Culture Purge Tour, Speaker: Satanic Symbolism

Amy Roper

Educator, Social Media Influencer

Satanic Symbolism

Jaw-dropping revelation of how the world is run by top Satanic elite and how it plays into the end times

Pop Culture Purge Tour Duke Pesta

Duke Pesta

Tenured Professor of English

Exposing Radical Sex Ed

Know the socialist origins behind the sexualization of children and the dangers this ideology creates and why we must fight back

Erin Jo Harris


From Me, Me, Me to Christ in Me

Learn how to overcome toxic self-worship and model humble yet powerful heroes of the faith

Kay Elise Tolman

Mind Control Expert

Unmasking Christian-Based Mind Control

Exposing Satanic Ritual Abuse, MK Ultra, Freemasonry, Luciferian Agenda, and the New World Order

Heather Orne

Former News Anchor/Reporter

Mainstream Media Madness

Find out who owns mainstream media and why they want to divide instead of inform

Kyra Thompson Speaker: Protecting Purity and Sexual Integrity. Pop Culture Purge Tour

Kyra Thompson

Freelance Writer

Protecting Purity & Sexual Integrity

Understanding the power of sexual integrity, the original design for sex as godly intimacy, and the reward of self control.

Joshua Broome

Former Porn Star

Counterfeit Love

Learn how to combat an oversexualized culture where lust is called love & sex is called intimacy

Katrina Cheshire

Clothing Designer

Bullying and Cyberbullying

Give your kids the tools they need to stand up with courage and kindness to defeat the bully

Laura Beth Perry

Former Transgender

Dissecting Gender Identity

Proactively teach your children about their God-given identity

Luke Griffin

Ex Alcoholic & People Pleaser

Identity Crisis

Learn how God can take a broken life from a failed suicide attempt to thriving in God's calling for you

Michelle Lazor

Mother of 9 – Business Owner

Education Indoctrination

Learn how to confront schools strategically regarding their anti-God agenda and get positive results

Orlean Koehle

CA Eagle Forum President

Five Hidden C's of Common Core

Corporation Driven, Central Controlled, Cookie-Cutter Design, Communist Like, Preparing the Way for Critical Race Theory

Pro-Life Activist

Sarah Hurm

Pro-Life Activist

Abortion Reversal Success Story

Hear how this mom had a chemical abortion, regretted it, reversed it, and saved her baby

Stephen Black

Former Homosexual to Pastor


An overview of homosexuality and how people find lasting freedom

Suzanne Phillips

Educator, Storyteller

Intentional Parenting

Parent with purpose - disciple with direction - get a new perspective on leading your children to become bold Jesus followers

Tatiana Ibrahim

Freedom Fighter

Exposing Marxist Ideologies

Educating Parents on How to Defeat Critical Race Theory

Micah Sample. Pop Culture Purge Tour, Speaker: The Woke Cult and Christianity

Micah Sample

Pastor & Writer for Wokepedia

The Woke Cult & Christianity

Learn about how Christian institutions have been infiltrated by popular Woke ideology and how we can work to reverse the tide and bring truth back to the cultural forefront.

Kristi Tatro, Speaker: Kicking Anorexia to the Curb and Traded it in for the healing power of Jesus

Kristi Tatro

Certified Life Coach

Kicking Anorexia to the Curb & Traded it in for the Healing Power of Jesus

You will hear Kristi's incredible testimony of how Jesus showed up to save Kristi from death. Her battle with anorexia shows the power of Christ to save her and the freedom He gave her when she surrendered all to Him.

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