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OUR MISSION: Revealing how pop culture is eroding the foundational development of

today’s youth and the importance of having a healthy media diet.

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Parents! Do you feel overwhelmed when it comes to keeping up with the constantly changing “entertainment” and it’s influence on your kids? Are you wanting a healthy media diet in your home?

We created this app for busy parents just like you!

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This live recorded 4 hour series provides an eye-opening, in-depth look at today’s pop culture and the effects it has on our kids.

  • How TV shows and movies promote identity crisis and gender confusion
  • How celebrities promote Satanism and Witchcraft in today’s music
  • How video games, sexting, bullying and social media impact our children
  • How to safeguard your home from today’s harmful entertainment

This is available in a 4 CD pack or instant download!