Get Active for a Great Cause!

FCA is an excellent place to invest your time and $

Do you want to invest your money and time to a cause which invests in the next generation? We fell in love with Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Join us!

great cause

My husband and I recently attended an FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) banquet and were highly impressed with the dedication and passion the leaders had for America’s kids. What wowed me even more were the teens, tweens and even elementary school students who shared about their goals in life and how FCA has helped guide them to be the excellent leaders of tomorrow. There was a second grade girl who read a short story with so much power and boldness in her voice. She made it easy for us to want to partner with this organization.

Kathy Wiesen is our FCA area representative for Lake of the Ozarks. She is one of the hardest working women I know who invests every moment into equipping our teens for greatness. When I asked her why she chose to volunteer for this specific organization, she said, “I got involved when I was coaching because I knew I wasn’t coaching as strong in the Christian faith as I should have. I saw the impact on the students and myself and it was so powerful that God was clearly calling me to do this. It’s all about him.”

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Scholastic Recommends Witchcraft, Sorcery & Murder for Our Kids

Know what's in your kids' backpack!

Scholastic, the #1 children’s book publisher recommends books on the occult, witchcraft, murder and more for grades K-12. Stay educated! Speak up!


I remember as a kid getting the cool Scholastic’s flier from school, filled with exciting books to read for the upcoming school year. Books about pets, best friends and arts & crafts. Oh, the good ol’ days! My heart stopped beating last week when my friend Kari texted me shots from her kid’s Scholastic recommended reading list and said, “Look at THIS!”

There were roughly 60 books listed in this short 6 page flier. However, the number of books promoting ghosts, murder, witchcraft and sorcery floored me! We’re not talking 2-3 books here, but over 30! I listed most of them below so you can be on the look out for what to avoid.

Here’s my concern…

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Satan Clubs Coming to Elementary Schools!

debunking the lie of separation of church and state

Due to the Equal Access Act, the Satanic Temple plans to open satan clubs at elementary schools in our nation this fall. Well, I’ve got the perfect plan.

satan clubs

When news broke that satan clubs were coming to elementary schools this fall across our beloved nation, I had to reread the headlines. Is this the same country I grew up in as a child?

After doing some research on Doug Mesner, who is one of the co-founders of the Satanic Temple and is actively pushing for after school satanic clubs in schools, my blood began to boil. Our very children’s lives are at stake. Their tag line on their website states, “Educatin’ with Satan.” HELL NO (pun intended), is my response. CLICK HERE to get the full story from The Washington Post.

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What’s the Deal With “The Real O’Neals?”

Moms are over the Hollywood trash.

Due to the mockery of Christianity throughout Disney’s new so-called family show-of-the-year – “The Real O’Neals” will tank. Moms are over Hollywood trash.

real o'neals

So you catch a glimpse of a new supposedly hilarious “family” ABC sitcom and you’re hooked.

Before we know it, we are laughing right along with them and our kids are being conditioned that mockery of the Christian faith is ok. According to news source, Faith and Freedom, “Disney has teamed up with Seattle’s own homosexual activist, atheist and anti-Christian advocate, Dan Savage, with a new weekly TV show titled “The Real O’Neals”—based on Savage’s life growing up in a Catholic home.” This isn’t entertainment, this is a carefully constructed plan to teach our kids that the Christian life is idiotic.

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What I Learned Being Ray Liotta’s Personal Driver on OSCAR Night

Talking about God to Ray Liotta was one of the highlights of my decade long experience in Hollywood. God can use all of us in ways we’ve never imagined.

ray liotta

When you live in LA, there are some off-the-wall jobs people do between their acting gigs to help them pay rent and survive. One such job I agreed to do, was dressing up as a costume character for Hollywood events and kid’s birthday parties. Elmo, Johnny Bravo, Bugs Bunny, Scooby-Doo and yes, Barney were just some of the few ridiculous costumes I threw on – and quickly threw off when done. Luckily, there were some “cooler” jobs I booked, like when my agent called and asked if I’d drive the new Cadillac Escalade all over Hollywood and be a chauffeur for whomever needed a ride – even celebs.

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