The Road to Edmond Falsely Promoted as a Christian Film

Director lacks major spiritual discernment in making movie

Is The Road to Edmond a wholesome Christian film as it claims? Or is it major propaganda, meant to mislead the next generation?

from contributing writer Analia Anderson

Recently, I brought two of my pastors to the screening of the so-called “Christian” film, The Road to Edmond that I saw advertised on Facebook. I really wrestled with writing this review because I always support my fellow Christian filmmakers, no matter what level of quality or stage they’re in… but this was an anti-christ film and work of the devil.

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Are Scholastic Books Safe for Your Kids?

Discerning good reading material for your children

No matter the school, chances are high that your kids will come across Scholastic books. But are Scholastic books really safe for kids?

Are Scholastic Books Safe for Your Kids?

from contributing writer Tanya Clifton

The school year is now in full swing all around the country. Whether you homeschool or send your students to public or private facilities, reading is inevitable. Sometimes books are assigned; other times students are required to choose their own free reading. Trying to make sure the content of what their minds are soaking in is not the simplest of tasks for a parent, but it is possible.

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How to be a Godly Example in Your Child’s Life

Excellent fathering tips from the Benham Brothers

The Benham Brothers’ new book, Miracle in Shreveport, gives fathers the tools they need to be a Godly example in their home and how to equip their children to pursue their dreams, with Christ as the center.

Have you ever wondered how much you impact others? I often find myself wondering this very thing. If I am living for Christ, does anyone really notice? Will anyone really care if I am not filled with joy today?

Believe it or not, someone is always watching us. There is always someone we can impact. Now whether that impact is positive or negative is totally up to you. If you are blessed with children, they are some of the first people that will pick up on your actions. My mom would always joke around, “Why do you follow my mistakes? Make your own!” While this may seem silly, it could not be more true. Children watch their parents and they emulate what they see.

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Are Your Children Under the Influence?

Hollywood has declared war on our kids!

Think you aren’t affected by media influence? Guess again. Your kids are on the frontlines of a battle that continues to rage and fester through social media, movies, books, and music. Know your enemy so that you and your children will be “in the world, not of the world!”

Carl Kerby, President and Founder of Reasons for Hope*, Inc. and former Founding Director at Answers in Genesis, asks the question in his book, Remote Control: the Power of Hollywood on Today’s Culture, “Do you know we have 400,000 churches and 6,000 theaters in our country? Now which one do you think impacts our country more?” Unfortunately, our churches are not the major influencers. Kerby further explains, “Hollywood would not spend billions of dollars to not try to indoctrinate you…Their goal is to get you to think like the world, and their tactics can be subtle.”

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Teens and Technology? The Not-so-happy Results and How to Help

Helping your kids be happier by breaking free from technology

Is your child addicted to technology? Not sure how to pry that iPad out of his hand? Hard to get her to set down that phone during dinner? This info will help!

Results from a new study about teens, phones, and happiness were released on March 24. The study observed more than a million 8th, 10th, and 12th grade American teens. Not surprisingly, it found the happiest teens spent the least amount of time on devices.

Technological addiction has become a huge problem for my generation. It’s rare to find a teen who doesn’t have a phone (like me). Kids of all ages, even down to toddlers, use devices several hours each day and as this study shows, the results aren’t good.

Let’s be totally honest here, technology isn’t bad. I used a computer to write this article. You are reading this article on a device. Technology can be a great tool. But when it gets out of hand, things don’t go well. Studies have linked excessive screen time to anxiety, distractiveness, fatigue, stress, and even depression.

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