Pornography in Latest Cosmo Magazine Issue! Moms Beware!

Let's join forces with Cosmo Hurts Kids Campaign!

How bad can Cosmo magazine be for our girls? Try X-rated! The current January issue of Cosmo magazine shows porn and lists top sex toys for our kids to buy!


While walking through the exhibit hall this week at the National Religious Broadcasting conference in Orlando, Florida, the Cosmo Hurts Kids booth caught my attention immediately. I am fully aware that Cosmo has pushed the envelope over the past few years. It went from somewhat good advice for teens to currently featuring barely clothed girls on the cover. However, anger quickly arose when I was shown the recent issue of Cosmo magazine at this booth run by three hard-working women advocates who’s mission is to put a stop to the madness!

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50 Shades Darker – Greater Movie – Nintendo Switch

🚨 Top 3 pop culture alerts of the week! 2-10-17

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THIS WEEK the TOP 3 pop culture alerts are…
2. Star of movie GREAT Neal McDonough says NO KISSING OR CUSSING ON HIS MOVIE SETS! Getting roles left and right!
3. NINTENDO SWITCH answer to moms of video gamers prayers! YOU NOW HAVE CONTROL over your kids gaming habits!


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Top 5 Tips on How to Help Your Daughter Dress Modestly Cute

Girls! Sick of not finding adorable, classy clothes to wear? Want to dress modestly cute without giving guys the wrong impression? Read this!

dress modest

Look at magazines and billboards for even a second and you’ll see young girls with low cut tops and midriffs showing along with super short skirts. I’ve had so many young girls tell me over the years while speaking at purity conferences, that they want to dress classy and cute but they can’t find a store that sells what they are looking for.

When I speak to young women, I tell them to wear a bed sheet to class or sew two skirts together…half joking…half not.

Seriously though, here are the top 5 ways you can help your daughter look adorable and hopefully start a new trend in her school.

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Which of the Top 5 Golden Globe Winners Are REALLY Worth Watching?!

the TV shows that are the real winners...

Hollywood’s standards usually don’t line up with what we deem as appropriate. Here’s the breakdown of the TV show Golden Globe winners.

golden globe

With the 74th Annual Golden Globe Awards concluding this past Sunday, I wanted to do some research to find out if any of them that won are worth watching (rundown of winner list). Here’s the breakdown of the top 5 TV show Golden Globe winners. Some are both educational and entertaining and some you want to run from.

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The Top 5 Things Your Child’s Teacher Wishes You Would Do!

how we can personally help enhance our kid's education

What are the top things your child’s teacher wished you would do to help support them and make their job easier? Read this and find out!


Since schools are back in session and we are in the frame of mind of making positive changes in our lives – it’s the perfect time to address this topic. How can we, as parents, help our kid’s teacher do their job better? Regardless if the school year has been going fabulous or has flopped for your children, now is the best time to see how your child’s educational environment can be improved through your involvement.

After talking with some close friends who are amazing teachers along with Lydia Griffin, my mother-in-law who’s a para professional, these are the top 5 things your child’s teacher wishes you would do, to better assist them in their jobs.

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