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Dr. Keith Ablow show:

Mom hopeful knife-wielding intruder turns his life around

  • ABC –reactions to John Roberts // Sam Alito // Mike Round news
  • NBC – reactions to California’s Health Board’s new contraceptive pill add

Tina talks with Susan from Faith Flix about the newly launched Counter Culture Mom app and how it’s features will greatly benefit parents. Staying on top of pop culture is a must if we want to raise Godly children with a Biblical worldview.


Greg Gudorf, CEO of Pure Flix digital and I talk about the impact today’s media has on kids and the many positive options available. This was at the Arizona Families for Home Education conference July 2017.


First round of 23 radio spots now playing in the midwest. Hollywood Exposed now live on air!

Donna Hearne, Host of The Encounter on Bott radio network, and I discuss today’s pop culture influence on kids and what we can do as parents to safely navigate the chaos. (Part 1 and 2 available below)

What You’ll Learn in Eternal Leadership podcast – March 6, 2018

  • What is the “innoculation theory” and how does it affect kids?
  • The pressures of a actors and actresses in Hollywood that lead to bad decisions
  • How celebrities raise their kids
  • What rapper Eminem does to “protect” his daughter from his music
  • Why Steve Jobs did not allow his kids to use Apple products at their home
  • Tina’s best ammo in persuading kids to see what she sees
  • Shocking statistics about explicit content in the media
  • Actual audio clip of an underground band giving horrible advice to youngsters
  • What Tina would discuss with President Trump if given the opportunity to meet
  • How to use bad experiences in the past to teach your kids

Dr. Alex McFarland and I discuss pop culture influence on kids and what we can do as parents to keep them safe on AFA’s Focal Point radio show.

May 3, 2016: If you’re an aspiring speaker, I give a lot of tips and tools on how to get started with your new career and what to do to be prepared for your first event.

September 2, 2017

Kimberly Fletcher founder of Mom’s March for America and I talk about our culture, mom’s influence and Mom’s March for America! I will be speaking at the Mom’s March for America along with Ellen Wheeler at this event. Our segment starts @ 31:47 www.MomsMarchUSA.com

Carla D’Addesi and I talk about the 9:11 memorial and today’s pop culture influence on kids.

February 7, 2018

The dangers of virtual reality, Facebook censorship, Demonic halftime Super Bowl images that were displayed, The Connect movie coming out (which will help families tremendously re their kids and use of technology), dangers of The Detour on TBS and upcoming 22 city SAVE A NATION tour coming to your town!

January 8, 2018

Education Policy Conference, Nicki Minaj poses nude for Paper Magazine and the New World Order are discussed in this episode.

December 6, 2017

How we can protect our children against the horrible influences of movies and video games is covered, in addition to the increased sensitivity to sexual harassment in our nation and the downside of ‘guilty until proven innocent.’

November 8, 2017

Topics of this episode include: raunchy “suggested reading” in public schools, successful Christian and family-friendly movies, Hollywood’s porn and sexual perversion problem, and how to protect your children from “soul pollution.”

October 4, 2017

We discuss the Vegas Massacre and the importance of only allowing positive media in our children’s minds.

September 6, 2017

On this episode on Stand Up for the Truth, we discuss the Musical.ly app and it’s dangers regarding predators stalking teen users. A Question of Faith movie is promoted along with the upcoming Mom’s March for America event in Omaha, NE September 23, 2017.

July 26, 2017

Transgender agenda, EXIT: the appeal of suicide is being released, gender ideology is harming our children, Wisconsin company first in US to microchip employees. These topics and more are discussed in this episode.

July 5, 2017

Topics discussed on this week’s episode include VidAngel and it’s excellent features which allow parents to filter the entertainment coming into their home along with Snapchat’s new Snap Maps feature which allows anyone at any time to track down users unless their map setting is set to “ghost mode.”

June 3, 2017

Dick and Rich Bott discuss today’s media influence on our kids with Tina Griffin. Importance of marrying a believer and how to raise Godly children are discussed. Tune in here to check out the episode.

June 7, 2017

Tune in to this week’s segment on Stand Up for the Truth radio. We discuss Katy Perry’s dangerous upcoming album called Witness and the awesome National Bible Bee Gameshow summer bible study offered to kids ages 7 on up. Our latest launch of the Pop Culture Alert texting service and ways to partner with Counter Culture Mom are also covered.

May 3, 2017

Q90fm states, “If you are old enough to remember life in America in the 1950s and 60s, you would remember the culture of entertainment was much different back then.  You could actually watch television with your children without fear of them being bombarded with messages of perversion, violence, and overt sexuality. And you also trusted your public school to actually teach math, science, and history without indoctrinating your children into believing evolution, becoming little earth muffins, hating America, or being encouraged to explore sexuality in ways contradictory to biblical morality.  As they say, those were the good old days.

But today our youth are inundated with sexual perversion and godless worldviews at every turn.  It is a sad reality that the influence of parents wanting to raise their children with Christian values has become more and more difficult.

Joining us to discuss the filth that passes for entertainment, and the blatant systematic brainwashing of our children is Tina Marie Griffin of Counter Culture Mom.”

April 5, 2017

Tina Griffin of Counter Culture Mom joins us to share her insights on how parents can guard children against some of the most deceptive forces today, including the anti-Christian entertainment industry.

3-1-2017  Tina Griffin of Counter Culture Mom reporting from the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) convention. We’ll discuss Cosmopolitan Magazine’s ‘porn,’ and of course, the Oscars and the fact that many Hollywood celebrities have no idea how out of touch they are with regular Americans.

2-1-2017  Tina talks with Mike on Stand Up for the Truth about the importance of having positive role models in your kids’ lives!

  • How parents can be the best role models for their kids
  • Books that are great to read and apply for raising Counter Culture Kids
  • Top celebrities available for young people to look up to today

11-28-16 This is a quick overview of the beginnings of Tina Marie Live! now Counter Culture Mom and why I felt a huge need to address the issues of media influence on our kids. Empire Broadcasting is out of NYC.

12-14-16 Watching Culture, Media, & the Church (comparing God’s truth with culture’s lies)

This segment on Stand Up For the Truth radio show, is loaded with the latest pop culture news such as Britney Spears new dangerous song “Slumber Party” and Highlights Magazine’s decision to promote same-sex marriages in their magazine. Get the top ideas on how to effectively navigate today’s pop culture in order to protect your faith and your family.

11-9-16 Today, Mike and David share some post-election thoughts and take listener phone calls.

In the first segment, counter-culture Mom, Tina Griffin joins the conversation and warns other Christian parents about the realities and dangers of pornographic content in video games, including porn in many video game clips  on Youtube – like Minecraft!

10-12-16 Tina discussed today’s pop culture issues and what messages our kids are hearing and believing. Celebrities sheltering their own kids from their own entertainment is discussed as well as pornography shown throughout the top video games on the shelf today!

Eternal Leadership episode #89: A counter culture way to raise great kids with John Ramstead

The Jesse Lee Peterson show:

“Gift of RESPECT” with Mike Domitrz:


Truth Event – page 13


Becoming Beautiful – becoming the beautiful woman you were created to be.

“Help – I’m Stuck!” – Mona Corwin’s Inspirational site: Mentoring Women & Equipping Those Who Mentor

International Christian Mompreneur Network – Theresa Ceniccola: Empowering Moms to prosper with wisdom and grace

Aspire. Live your life. Be free. High school curriculum.  Tina co-wrote chapter 4 “Protecting Your Mind: taking control of the media.”

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