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Dr. Keith Ablow show:

  • ABC –reactions to John Roberts // Sam Alito // Mike Round news
  • NBC – reactions to California’s Health Board’s new contraceptive pill add




Just recorded the first round of 23 radio spots now playing in the midwest. Hollywood Exposed now live on air!


media coverage

4-5-17  Tina Griffin of Counter Culture Mom joins us to share her insights on how parents can guard children against some of the most deceptive forces today, including the anti-Christian entertainment industry.


media coverage

3-1-2017  Tina Griffin of Counter Culture Mom reporting from the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) convention. We’ll discuss Cosmopolitan Magazine’s ‘porn,’ and of course, the Oscars and the fact that many Hollywood celebrities have no idea how out of touch they are with regular Americans.


2-1-2017  Tina talks with Mike on Stand Up for the Truth about the importance of having positive role models in your kids’ lives!

  • How parents can be the best role models for their kids
  • Books that are great to read and apply for raising Counter Culture Kids
  • Top celebrities available for young people to look up to today



11-28-16 This is a quick overview of the beginnings of Tina Marie Live! now Counter Culture Mom and why I felt a huge need to address the issues of media influence on our kids. Empire Broadcasting is out of NYC.



12-14-16 Watching Culture, Media, & the Church (comparing God’s truth with culture’s lies)

This segment on Stand Up For the Truth radio show, is loaded with the latest pop culture news such as Britney Spears new dangerous song “Slumber Party” and Highlights Magazine’s decision to promote same-sex marriages in their magazine. Get the top ideas on how to effectively navigate today’s pop culture in order to protect your faith and your family.



11-9-16 Today, Mike and David share some post-election thoughts and take listener phone calls.

In the first segment, counter-culture Mom, Tina Griffin joins the conversation and warns other Christian parents about the realities and dangers of pornographic content in video games, including porn in many video game clips  on Youtube – like Minecraft!



10-12-16 Tina discussed today’s pop culture issues and what messages our kids are hearing and believing. Celebrities sheltering their own kids from their own entertainment is discussed as well as pornography shown throughout the top video games on the shelf today!


 Eternal Leadership episode #89: A counter culture way to raise great kids with John Ramstead


janet mefferd show march 13, 2015



Interview with Dr. Alex McFarland on the Janet Mefferd Show (starts at 20:20)


The Jesse Lee Peterson show:


“Gift of RESPECT” with Mike Domitrz:

“Time to Inspire” with Alan C. Jones on Inspirational Family Radio (5 part series)


  • Alan Colmes National Radio Show
  • Holistic Living Radio Show
  • No Apologies Radio Show
  • Values in Action Radio Show
  • The Student Operated Press with Judyth Piazza
  • “the BIG PODCAST…a Pair of Continents” with Fat Steve and Dani



The Versailles Leader-Statesman – Rotary Club coverage – Camdenton Family Raises Money to Buy a Van for Single Mom of 10 – Top 10 Favorite Stories of 2015 – #9 The Family that Stays Together – What Let to American Idol Trent Harmon’s Success



Featured in the International Christian Mompreneur Network with Theresa Ceniccola




Wisconsin Bride Magazine

WI Bride article page 1







Domino Day article

Domino Day ABC 2001












  • World Net Daily
  • Yo! Youth Outlook



Truth Event – page 13











Becoming Beautiful – becoming the beautiful woman you were created to be.






“Help – I’m Stuck!” – Mona Corwin’s Inspirational site: Mentoring Women & Equipping Those Who Mentor









International Christian Mompreneur Network – Theresa Ceniccola: Empowering Moms to prosper with wisdom and grace


Aspire. Live your life. Be free. High school curriculum.  Tina co-wrote chapter 4 “Protecting Your Mind: taking control of the media.”





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