Adding ‘Kids’ to YouTube Doesn’t Make It Safe

Cutting and suicide promoted in YouTube Kids cartoons

YouTube Kids is no longer a safe platform for children to randomly search and view videos. Suicide and cutting commercials are now popping up in cartoons.

As a mom and a counter culture warrior, I have warned parents nationwide about the dangerous behaviors Hollywood has been glamorizing in the entertainment industry for decades. Now, cutting and suicide is being targeted to our children on YouTube Kids. Suicide is being taught to our 5 year-olds, how low can we go as a society? With suicide as the number 2 cause of death among our teens, this issue with YouTube Kids is very concerning to me.

The scary thing about this story, is that it took up to a week for YouTube Kids to pull this graphic video down, some other videos promoting cutting took over 8 months for YouTube to remove them! These short suicide endorsements, is just one of many issues with YouTube and YouTube Kids. For example, Minecraft gaming videos show real life pornographic scenes as well as parody videos which show Disney characters like Anna, Elsa and Spiderman engaging in sexual activity with each other and even Peppa Pig parodies showing her decapitation. With millions of views per video, many children have seen this graphic content mostly by mistake and without their parents knowledge.

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Is Facebook Manipulating Your Newsfeed?

How to reset your settings to see your favorite conservative newsfeeds AGAIN!

Not seeing info from the people you selected to SEE FIRST? No engagement on your page? Facebook is manipulating your newsfeed! This info will make your blood boil.

from contributing writer Gina McAndrew

Facebook is a caring multinational company that believes the customer is always right.

BEEP. Wrong. Try again.

Facebook protects its users from unwanted or unsolicited posts with hidden agendas.

BEEP. Wrong again. One more time.

Facebook has a hidden agenda, and the groups and people Facebook doesn’t want voicing their opinion, need to be stopped, blocked and banned.

Yep. That’s about right.

You see, in this moment of history, the status quo has changed. It is no longer “acceptable” to have an opinion, especially one based on fact. Instead, social media is here to save us from our opinions, as they can be highly offensive. And one of the biggest contenders of this new social police culture? That’s right. Facebook.

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The Shocking 7 Faces of Social Media

Social Media can be a useful tool but it can also be as addictive as alcohol, nicotine, and gambling.

Social media can connect us and be used as a powerful tool. Very often, however, it can be addictive and lead to a state of depression and loneliness.

from contributing writer Blu Wyatt

Scroll, scroll, scroll….

read, read, read….

like, love, comment…

scroll, message, follow…

scroll, unfollow (too many food pics)…

scroll, repost, watch, collect…

then I finally find time to record, filter and share my own stuff.

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Sweet Victory: One Mom Battles Sarahah App and Wins!

Petition tips for parents who want to stop online harassment

A mom starts a petition to kill the Sarahah app, due to her daughter receiving messages urging her to take her life. The outcome? Mom wins!


These vile and crass words would make any sweet, vulnerable 13-year-old girl curl up into a ball and question her appearance, her friendships and even her own worth.

But Katrina Collins said the message that hit the hardest was this one:
“I hope SHE KILLS HERSELF. Seriously nobody will care.”

“I felt shocked and saddened for my daughter who had read these words over and over again not knowing which one of her ‘friends’ had sent these messages,” said Collins, a wife and mother of three from Queensland, Australia. “The sender knew my daughter would see this message about her. How could anyone be so cruel, so cold, so callous?”

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What to Do to Combat Porn on Social Media

Parenting that will guide our kids' hearts in the right direction

We will never eradicate porn on social media. However, if we teach our kids what to do when they discover porn, we will help them know how to protect their hearts and minds from this very additive, damaging temptation. Problem solved.

I am 19 years old and an avid social media user. I know first-hand that in the world of social media, it is virtually impossible for parents to monitor every single platform, text message, and website their child engages in. Parents can put parental guides and restrictions on their child’s device, but this does not block every site, and they can’t stop their kid from seeing ungodly material while with their friends.

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