How to make a good movie a GREAT movie through filtering with VidAngel!

Hollywood Insider: Ep 12

Are there a couple of movies you’d love to show your kids but they have several bad words and scenes? With VidAngel you can filter those out within seconds!


We’re in the midst of a BATTLE between HOLLYWOOD vs. PARENTS regarding the right to filter today’s entertainment! On HOLLYWOOD INSIDER this week, we have guest Matthew Faraci, VidAngel’s External Relations Director talking all about the ease and access to filtering today’s entertainment to make it more family-friendly!

Episode TWELVE – How to make a good movie a GREAT movie through filtering with VidAngel!

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A Summer Bible Study that Will Transform Your Child’s Life!

Hollywood Insider: Ep 8

Are you looking for ways to keep your kids occupied during these long summer days? Register them for the National Bible Bee summer bible study!

HOLLYWOOD INSIDER with Tina Marie. Today’s guest is Emeal E.Z. Zwayne co-host and spokesman for the National Bible Bee Gameshow and president of Living Waters ministry.

Episode EIGHT – the benefits of registering your kids in the summer bible study program with Bible Bee!

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The Importance of Nurturing Your Child’s Giftings!

Hollywood Insider: Ep 6

Are you stuck on how to recognize and nurture your child’s giftings? Cindy Harmon, American Idol winner Trent Harmon’s mom tells us what to look for!


HOLLYWOOD INSIDER with Tina Marie. Today’s guest is Cindy Harmon – American Idol Winner Trent Harmon’s mom! A business owner, former school teacher and children’s musical director.

Episode SIX – Nurture your child’s giftings so they may impact the world for Christ!

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The best place to get quality inspirational family-friendly entertainment!

Hollywood Insider: Ep 3

Sick of Hollywood pumping out graphic, vulgar content for your kids? Pure Flix has over 6,000 titles of inspirational films & TV shows for your family!

HOLLYWOOD INSIDER with Tina Marie​. Our guest today is Greg Gudorf CEO of Pure Flix digital. Their mission? To create films that impact our culture for Christ. Pure Flix strives to serve alongside the church by providing affordable and effective Movie Ministry solutions to use for Outreach, Church Growth, Fellowship Opportunities, Small Group Ministry and Sermon Messages. Let’s support companies that have our best interest at heart and have the greatest positive impact on our children!

Episode THREE – The best place to get quality inspirational family-friendly entertainment! PURE FLIX!

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My Top 5 Picks for Positive Songs that Will Pump You Up!

the benefits of listening to life-giving tunes

Want some positive songs that will get your blood pumping, clear your mind and reconnect your heart to God? Check out these amazing options and get movin’!

positive songs

I just spoke at the Young Christians Weekend event at Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri this past weekend. As I was mentally preparing to jump on stage, I had several upbeat positive videos playing on the screen as the people filled the Oprah House. The lyrics were life-giving and some videos had me shed some tears over the years. The power of music on the mind is way underestimated. As I shared about today’s pop culture and the influence it has on each of us, I was reminded once again about the importance of only ingesting positive entertainment.

So many of the top songs on the Billboard charts are filled with words that promote violence, sex, drug use, suicide, swearing etc. Three of the top songs listened to by millions of fans are The Weeknd’s “I feel it coming” with words that say, “I can feel that body shake and the heat between your legs.” Like this guy would ever show up at a hospital when one of his fans is dying of cervical cancer or is pregnant at 14 because she fed herself his lies over and over in her mind and then acted upon them.

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