How to make a good movie a GREAT movie through filtering with VidAngel!

Hollywood Insider: Ep 12

Are there a couple of movies you’d love to show your kids but they have several bad words and scenes? With VidAngel you can filter those out within seconds!


We’re in the midst of a BATTLE between HOLLYWOOD vs. PARENTS regarding the right to filter today’s entertainment! On HOLLYWOOD INSIDER this week, we have guest Matthew Faraci, VidAngel’s External Relations Director talking all about the ease and access to filtering today’s entertainment to make it more family-friendly!

Episode TWELVE – How to make a good movie a GREAT movie through filtering with VidAngel!

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New! Pop Culture Alert Texting Service


This is how you will receive our pop culture alert via text on your phone.

Feeling overwhelmed or just too busy to keep up with pop culture and technology? Protect your kids by joining our Pop Culture Alert Texting Service!

Sign up for the POP CULTURE ALERT TEXTING SERVICE by texting the word ALERT to the number 444999.

You will receive an URGENT pop culture update once a week so you know what imminent threats could endanger your kids and what ACTION STEPS to take to keep them safe. KNOW BEFORE YOUR KIDS DO!

You will also receive our weekly Counter Culture Mom Newsletter which includes the current Hollywood Insider show, top resource of the week, an eye-opening celebrity quote and more.

In addition, you will receive a FREE RESOURCE GUIDE with helpful tips and tools such as:

  • top positive entertainment choices like pure flix and jelly telly
  • over 300 family friendly movies
  • Positive music list
  • top books I’d recommend for parents, teens and tweens
  • A list of over 50 non-violent video games
  • Clean comedians
  • help lines for suicide, cutting, bullying, etc.

To get our WEEKLY ALERTS just text the word ALERT to the number 444999. We look forward to having you join our crusade!

Know How to Parent Kids Who are Always Connected to Tech

Hollywood Insider: Ep 7

Are your kids always connected to some sort of tech device? Matt helps you know how to connect with your kids and keep them safe in this wild digital age.


HOLLYWOOD INSIDER with Tina Marie. Today’s guest is Matt McKee – author of Parent Chat: The Technology Talk for Every Family and an Advisory Board member of Circle with Disney.

Episode SEVEN – Know How to Parent Kids Who are Always Connected to Tech!

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How to Keep Your Kids Safe While Online!

Hollywood Insider: Ep 4

Scared to let your kids go online? Has someone stumbled upon porn while surfing the net or doing homework? Safeguard your tech devices with Covenant Eyes!

covenant eyes

HOLLYWOOD INSIDER with Tina Marie. Today’s guest is Dan Armstrong Corporate Communications Specialist for Covenant Eyes. Live a Porn-Free Life! Don’t let porn hold you back from using technology. If addicted to porn, you can break free with the proven power of Internet Accountability.

Episode FOUR – Learn how to keep your family safe while online.

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Minecraft Has Sex Mods Via YouTube

Top five ways to keep your kids safe on electronic devices

Minecraft has sex mods in the YouTube videos. Gamers add code and upload these horrific scenes for our kids to stumble upon. Here’s what you can do!


After receiving several emails asking about Minecraft having Sex Mods in their games, I had to do the research and pray this was a huge scam. My boys play Minecraft. It’s one of the few games left on my “squeaky clean” list. This list was getting shorter and shorter by the minute and I would NOT be happy if I had to erase one more beloved family game from the list.

Sure enough, when I googled Minecraft Sex Mod, the image above with pages of other sex mod video options popped right up. Mods are unofficial modified bits of game code created by players themselves.

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