Minecraft Has Sex Mods Via YouTube

Top five ways to keep your kids safe on electronic devices

Minecraft has sex mods in the YouTube videos. Gamers add code and upload these horrific scenes for our kids to stumble upon. Here’s what you can do!


After receiving several emails asking about Minecraft having Sex Mods in their games, I had to do the research and pray this was a huge scam. My boys play Minecraft. It’s one of the few games left on my “squeaky clean” list. This list was getting shorter and shorter by the minute and I would NOT be happy if I had to erase one more beloved family game from the list.

Sure enough, when I googled Minecraft Sex Mod, the image above with pages of other sex mod video options popped right up. Mods are unofficial modified bits of game code created by players themselves.

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How to Have a Closer Relationship With Your Kids

Remove the doors from your home!

Want a closer relationship with your kids? Doing these tips could help you see what online activity your teen could be hiding from you.

closer relationship

A pastor told me years ago, after speaking at a youth event, that he had removed all the doors in his house, except for the door to his bedroom and all the bathrooms of course. His kids were constantly isolating themselves in their rooms and he wanted his family back. At first, his children (all teens at the time) were not too happy, but after about 3 days they began to embrace the new “open door” policy. He said his kids had the closest relationship with him and his wife during those doorless years than any other previous years they’ve had. Deep communication, game nights and family outings took the place of separate bedroom confinement.

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Square Trade – The Perfect Protection Plan for Your Tech Gadgets

protect your iPhone, iPad, iWatch and anything else 'i' related

Freaked out to let your kids touch your iPhone, iPad, TV, computer, and anything else super expensive? Then get those babies covered by Square Trade today!

square trade

You hear a crash and panic sets in. You quickly turn your head to get a glimpse of your 2 year old’s freaked out look as you see your brand new iPhone smashed in 1,000 pieces on the floor. After letting out a high pitched scream, your heart stops beating as you realize – there went $800 dollars! If you have kids or your middle name is butterfingers and you own at least one electronic gadget, this horrific situation will more than likely happen to you. Check out how easy it is to get your tech gadgets covered and have your blood pressure go back down to normal.

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Crisis Text Line – A Back to School Necessity!

Besides back-to-school supplies & clothing, inform your kids about the Crisis Text Line. If anyone is in the midst of a crisis – text for help @ 741741.

crisis text line

Wow. It hurts to write this. Summer is almost over and the back to school mentality has already kicked in full gear. Even though I homeschool, the school room is being prepared to add another little munchkin to the Griffin Academy. School supply shopping has officially begun, but with having the supplies and clothes purchased in preparation for the first day of school, comes anther major important necessity every person needs to be aware of – the Crisis Text Line.

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Mark Cuban Creates Self-Destructing Messaging App

great for adults - not for kids

Cyber Dust app brings back the privacy of your text messages! Mark Cuban created an app which allows our conversations through text to not be recorded.

mark cuban

There will always be tension between using the latest technology and the capability of maintaining your privacy. With RFID chips, cameras recording your every move, GPS and tracking devices embedded in practically everything today, one wonders where a person could go to just get off the grid.

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