Positive music list


Check out this list of bands who provide positive music with a funky beat in all different genres. This list includes pop, rock, country, jazz, you name it.



Just for Girls/Just for Guys magazine through Human Life Alliance.  Excellent magazine that covers how teens can live a pure lifestyle amongst the chaos. Click on magazine to check out the magazine in detail.


The organizations listed below are not endorsed by Counter Culture Mom. However, they are great follow up resources regarding the content Tina gives in her presentation. If you have websites she should add to this list, please email her. This resource page includes several affiliate links.

Credible News Sites
Afa_logoAmerican Family Association
American Center for Law and Justice
One Million Moms
The New American
the Drudge Report
The Vigilant Citizen
World Net Daily
Citizen Magazine
True Life (video gallery answering life’s biggest ?s)
Dr. Laura pulls no punches!

Entertainment Reviews
Common Sense Media
Parents Television Council
Mastermedia International
Nielsen Reports
Kaiser Family Foundation
Clean Family Films
CCM Magazine
Sex, Violence & Pornography in the Media – fact sheet

Music Reviews
logo-150x120AZLyrics – song lyrics from A to Z
TVU Live! – Clean Music Videos
AIR 1: Positive Radio Station

Pure Flix – Watch Faith & Families Originals, Movies, TV, Shorts
Top 300 Family Friendly flicks!

Video Games
50 non violent video game list

Focus on the Family options (Citizen, Brio, Clubhouse, Clubhouse Jr.)

Pregnancy & Health
Pictures of Child Development in the womb
Medical Institute for Sexual Health – get your FACTS on STDs/STIs and more
Bound 4 LifeBound4Life-Logo
Pregnancy Centers: hotline and locations

All about abstinence
True answers to all the ?s on sex

Planned Parenthood Exposed
Abortion pictures – GRAPHIC!
Help for those suffering AFTER an abortion
Love Matters – facts about abortion & Pro Life

XXX Church – Help for Pornography Addicts
Help for Pornography Addiction
Covenant Eyes: Internet accountability Program

Drugs & Alcohol
The Recovery Village – treatment resources and rehab centers for teens
Drug Rehab – best 411, resources and tools to overcome addiction
Guide to Teen Drug Addition
Teen Drug Abuse Help
the METH epidemic
Drug Abuse Hotline: 1-800-662-4357

NSPhotline_graphic National Suicide Prevention Life Line
Suicidology – info & warning signs
Suicide Hotline: 1-800-SUICIDE

Cutting/Self-Injury Help
Cutting/Self-Injury Warning Signs

Bully-free schools

The dangers of teen sexting
How to prevent people from sexting

Texting & Driving
Sexting teen pays a terrible price

Parent/Teen & Marriage Relationships
Focus on the Family
All Pro Dad – helping dads lead their families well
Marriage Help – Love & Respect
Family Life – Help for Families
Abstinence & Marriage Education Partnership

Homeschool Legal Defense Association

Answers in Genesis – Evolution – Exposed
Creation Science

Life Rehabilitation Centers
Teen Challenge – freedom from addictionteen-challenge-logo
Haven of Rest – freedom from life-threatening problems

Homeless Helping Hands – Homeless receive help and then give back

vaccineworkedEducate Yourself – non-medicated, natural ways to treat conditions
The People’s Chemist – herd immunity
Dangers of Vaccinations
BOUGHT movie – truth behind vaccines, big pharma & your food
Dr. Lorraine Day M.D. – natural therapies for all diseases inc cancer!
Dr. Hulda Clark – she healed 1,000s with cancer! FDA made her flee USA
Health Quarters – natural homeopathic articles/remedies to heal the body
List of carcinogens (cancer causing) avoid these!
Know the Cause – help your body heal naturally
Cure Zone
Beeyoutiful – clean, pure, chemical-free makeup

Collaborate with these Organizations
Save the Storks – 57 million babies have been aborted in the U.S. – help save a life
World Vision: sponsor a child from another country
Invisible Children
Metro Ministries: help inner-city children
New Tribes Mission – spreading the gospel in every tribe
Mercy Ministries: treatment program for young women
A21 Campaign – help stop human trafficking
Project Rescue – restoration for women & children in sexual slavery

Other resources
regular-logoFamily Watchdog – Tracking Sex Offenders
Sexual Offenders – Nationwide Safety Network