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The organizations listed below are great follow up resources regarding the content Tina gives in her speaking presentations. You will also find videos, music playlists, and other valuable content to help provide you with a healthy media diet in your home. Additionally, you'll cross some warning video's for your awareness. If you have websites we should add to this list, please tap on Tina's photo below to email her.

This resource page includes several affiliate links.

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Christian Resources


Mental Health


Positive Music List PDF

Check out this list of bands who provide positive music with a funky beat in all different genres. This list includes pop, rock, country, jazz, you name it.

Positive Music List PDF

Positive Playlist

This video is all about embracing who you are…who God made you to be. You are beautiful inside and out and God did not mess up in how he designed you while in your mothers womb. Do not let Satan tell you that you are not perfect. You were created in the image of God. God does NOT mess up!

Satan's Deception in the Music Industry

Lady Gaga explains the pressure put on people in the industry. She is fed up with being told how to look, dress, act and told what to do. Hopefully she can steer clear from the people who control Hollywood.



Hollywood's Impact on Youth

Young girls are bombarded daily with the message that they are not tall enough, thin enough, smart enough, have enough cash, cars or boyfriends. Constant pressure so that they feel the need to go out and buy buy buy. Eye-opening video.




Positive Movies

Movie all about living out your faith boldly for God. Great message carried out by an excellent cast. A must-see flick.