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“When I came home, it really hit me with everything you said about all the music. After being convicted for about 36 hours, I broke down and destroyed 135 CDs that were nothing but garbage! Thanks for that! I never really realized how much that did influence my life! I will never forget you.”


“It was inspiring to hear someone tell a group of high school kids (just like me) that we can make a positive difference in our future. A lot of people think my generation is full of apathetic teens who only want to party and live without consequences.”


“First off, I’d just like to encourage you by saying that your message is rustling feathers because you ARE convicting people. I’m still up at 1:30am fired up to write this E-mail to you! You have truly been an amazing example and blessing in my life.”


“Your presentation had a definite impact on the school. I just wanted you to know that you are very well appreciated in Norway, MI. Thanks again for devoting yourself to such a great cause!”


“All I can say is wow! The truth hit me right between the eyes and I appreciate it so much! I had goose bumps during the whole presentation. I know the truth now and I’m not afraid to take a stand against the lies.”


“It’s pretty scary out there these days. I had no idea how much 1 person can make a difference. Your message has changed my entire outlook on life. I will never be the same! Thanks for getting the TRUTH out there, and for being a huge part of changing our generation.”


“I am a 13 year old boy from Bozeman. I saw your seminar & I was blown away. Thank you for opening a new life of music for me!”


“I am touched by the way you captivated my daughter’s heart and mind with your positive message. Great timing for us. The world is in dire need of whole, healthy female role models.”


“You spoke at an Arizona girls of purity conference when I was 15 or 16, and I’ve been following your posts ever since. Since then, I’ve graduated from college, become a k-12 music teacher, and I am engaged to be married to a man who loves God more than he could ever love me. Thank you for being such a positive voice for me, my sisters, and so many more people.”


“You had such an AWESOME message for the students in the Norway-Vulcan Area School District. The kids are still buzzing about your visit here – you made quite an impact!”


“Dude, your speech at Don’t Get Punk’d in Pigeon Forge was wicked awesome!!!!! I was so psyched up after! Most speakers aren’t that REAL with us… But you had the facts which was so cool.”


“I attended many seminars (at the music festival) but the one that ripped my heart out was Tina Marie’s talk. I had tears in my eyes for the whole 90 minute seminar….Thank you for this message, you didn’t just change my life but you also changed Street Level of North Dakota.”


“Please accept my highest recommendation to engage Tina Marie for her “HOLLYWOOD EXPOSED” youth talk on the entertainment media and its impact on our youth, our families and our world. Perhaps our highest endorsement – we can’t wait to have her back!”


“Professional, funny, sincere and filled with hope, Tina captured the attention of a hard to reach audience!”


“Dear Tina, Thank you for opening my eyes to just how evil the media is. Although I knew it to be so and refuse to watch the negative stuff, you really brought to light just how dark it actually is. I attended the Truth For A New Generation conference in NC this past weekend. Thank you for following the call of Christ on your life and for showing me how to have compassion on those in Hollywood and media without supporting them. That message came out very clear; and your love for their souls spoke to me. Keep faithful! I am sharing your FB page and resources already! From your recent post, I just prayed for Oprah; imagine the impact if she would surrender her soul to Christ!”


“Thank you for making it possible for Tina Marie to speak. Our students thought it was one of the best convocations ever.”


“Hi Tina, I met you this past summer at the Phoenix homeschool convention. Your talks have been a tremendous help to my husband and I. Thank you.”


“Thank you so much for speaking today! I cannot tell you how happy I was to FINALLY hear someone speak the TRUTH – honestly and unedited. So many teens today are desensitized to the music, the movies, media and sex. Looking around me as you spoke, I could see on the faces of my peers how you were reaching them. I now realize that I AM a Bentley and I don’t have to be advertised. Thank You SO much!”


“The Educational Policy Conference this year was the BEST ONE I’ve ever attended, and I’ve been going for the last 6 years! Having you as a guest at our home on Friday night and then your OUTSTANDING message on Saturday were just 2 of the highlights of the conference! Honestly, your message yesterday was one that needs to be heard at every school in this country AND by every PARENT (and grandparent) in this country! I’ve already signed up through the text number you gave during your presentation yesterday. I am VERY interested in getting you back to St. Louis to speak at various schools. THANK YOU for what you are doing. God has given you a message to spread and the gift of the perfect skills to spread that message.”

Shannon, MO

“Over the last two decades, it has been our privilege to schedule and work with many speakers and authors. We have been privileged to book the most well known Christian communicators in the world. As might be expected, some make more of an impression than others; but one person who made quite an impact on our audiences and staff was Tina Marie Griffin. She held an audience of over 2,000 college students riveted as she shared her own life story and the truth of God’s Word in compelling fashion. She was a joy to work with and clearly came with the heart of a servant. In our opinion, she is a world class communicator and exhibits Christ-likeness every step of the way.”

Alex McFarland

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