How to be a Godly Example in Your Child’s Life

Excellent fathering tips from the Benham Brothers

The Benham Brothers’ new book, Miracle in Shreveport, gives fathers the tools they need to be a Godly example in their home and how to equip their children to pursue their dreams, with Christ as the center.

Have you ever wondered how much you impact others? I often find myself wondering this very thing. If I am living for Christ, does anyone really notice? Will anyone really care if I am not filled with joy today?

Believe it or not, someone is always watching us. There is always someone we can impact. Now whether that impact is positive or negative is totally up to you. If you are blessed with children, they are some of the first people that will pick up on your actions. My mom would always joke around, “Why do you follow my mistakes? Make your own!” While this may seem silly, it could not be more true. Children watch their parents and they emulate what they see.

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How to Talk to Your Kids About the Movies They Watch

Ted Baehr's new book Reel-to-Real is an excellent resource for families

Your kids pop on a movie and you finally have two hours of peace and quiet. However, don’t miss out on these meaningful character-building conversations you could have with your children by doing a quick, easy follow-up movies devotion from Ted Baehr’s new book Reel to Real.

This generation doesn’t read; they watch movies. Does that scare you? It shouldn’t. Yes, there are some pretty horrific films out there that hit the box office that should never been seen by a child (or adult for that matter). But luckily, there are still quite a few good flicks to see with your kids.

Ted Baehr grew up in the entertainment industry as a “broadway brat.” He now runs and is the author of the newly released book Reel to Real: 45 Movie Devotions for Families. When he started his organization, only 1% of movies had positive Christian content. Now up to 62% of movies have a Christian component, and of the top ten movies last year, 80% of them contained positive Christian attributes. That’s great news!

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Interview With Fox News Contributor – Kim Keller

Kim Keller from Roadkill Goldfish goes to battle for our kids! She is an activist who uses her connections & talents to equip & educate the public. Read on!

kim keller

This past year when I spoke at a high school, it caught major media attention. A booking agent and close friend connected me with social media expert Kim Keller from Dallas, Texas to help keep the momentum going. With over 20 years of experience as a public relations professional, reporter, writer and even a cancer survivor, Kim is a major go-getter and has become a close friend. You may have seen her on Fox News, Good Morning America, the Blaze, or the Dallas Morning News just to name a few. You will love her wisdom, whit and expertise on how parents can protect their kids in today’s digital world.

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Tina Exposes Hollywood’s Secret Agenda

Roadkill Goldfish interview with Kim Keller

Former actor Tina Griffin shares about Hollywood’s secret agenda, in hopes of changing teens’ lives. She gives the inside scoop in this interview.

Hollywood's secret

It’s good to know you’re not the only one on the battlefield.

Kim Keller is a journalist and a family-friendly blogger I met while speaking at a Dallas youth event this summer. She speaks out a lot about media and culture on her blog,, and she’s taken a lot of heat from folks who think it’s okay to hyper-sexualize kids. She’s best known for a post that generated more than 4.1 million readers, “Dear Daughter, let Miley Cyrus be a lesson to you.

Kim is also a great ally in the fight for today’s families, and she and I recently sat down for a mom-to-mom talk about how Hollywood influences our teens and what we can do to fight back. Here’s what she reported on her website. (Shared with Kim’s permission.)

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