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Ron DeSantis Stands with PARENTS

An exclusive op/Ed by Rachel Haggerty

In a world where our children seem to be under attack from all directions – whether it’s school, entertainment, or legislation – it’s refreshing to see a leader in today’s chaotic political landscape stand up for the most vulnerable demographic in the country: kids. In this article, join writer Rachel Haggerty as she discusses the positive impact that Gov. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., is having in the realm of social justice policy in the Sunshine State…and how his leadership sets a high standard for the rest of America’s governors.


Fighting for our Kids


If you haven’t been under a rock for this past year, you’ve probably noticed the utterly terrifying push to sexualize our children. 

For most of us, this is the most insane and disgusting threat to our children’s innocence.

From sexually explicit books in our schools, Television shows bowing to the leftist liberal agenda, and directors of children’s movies pushing the Transsexual issue as something young children should be aware of, being an awake and aware godly parent right now can be exhausting.

Children are a gift from the Father, bestowed upon us to protect. To nurture, and to teach about the love of Jesus.  We have enough fires to put out in this world right now, and threatening to harm our children mentally is something we should all stand together against.

Children’s brains cannot fathom sexual discussions. Children are not sexual. Children are born innocent and pure, and good. To push these conversations into their still developing minds is more harmful than we even realize.

As a mother of four children, even finding myself writing about this blows my mind. Unfortunately, in today’s society, some adults are literally fixated with sexualizing children.

As a conservative woman I’ve been sounding the alarm for nearly three years, as I could see this coming for our younger generation. I truly believe Satan wants to take away every child’s innocence, and is working overtime to do so.

Thankfully, we do have leaders in this country that are not afraid to stand up for what is right, even when they may be standing alone. There aren’t many, but the few we do have , have my upmost respect.

Although I do not live in Florida, I have been following Governor DeSantis for a while now. I like his courageous speeches about truth, and his policies that stand for freedom for all Americans. He was against the mask mandate at the beginning, but now he is fighting a new battle.

He is standing in front of tyranny from communism trying to pulsate through our great country, and in doing that he is standing for our children.

On March 22nd of this year, DeSantis signed a Parental Rights in Education Bill (HB 1557).


For years in every state, children have been given pornographic material, offered Covid vaccines to minors, had discussions about children transitioning into another gender, ALL without parental consent.

Child suicides are at an all-time rise. Children’s identities are so confused because of the mental, emotional, and physical abuse of unnecessary lock downs, social distancing, and now sexual content in Elementary schools.

Parents have every right to know and consent to what their children are being taught, if they are not, these abuses happen daily.

DeSantis said he had had enough. As a father himself, he is defending not only his own children, but all children.

This new bill he signed prohibits the teaching of anything sexually related to children. Period.

At the beginning of every new school year, parents in Florida will be informed of any new curriculum, and they will have the choice to opt their child out of anything they don’t feel comfortable with.

During his speech DeSantis calls out the leftist agenda slandering his new bill, declaring that they are only upset because everything that he signed on that bill to protect our young people is exactly what they want for this world.


Anyone who thinks a five-year-old needs to be informed about anything sexual isn’t mentally sound, and should never have access to teaching children. Unfortunately, adults who are trying to push this narrative have been teaching even Preschoolers about their own personal sexuality, and what pronoun they identify as. Since when is it socially acceptable to talk to a child that is not your own about anything sexual?

It has become so “normal,” and until we take a stand against this, it will continue.

Our children are ours. We get to choose when we have a conversation with them about sex.

There’s never been a scarier time to raise children than right now, but we have to remember that God gave them to us fully knowing and trusting that we will expose the evil, and raise mighty warriors for truth. “Children should go to school for an education, not indoctrination,” said Ron DeSantis.

It’s so important that our children see us actively protecting them during this time. Their life, the life that God has planned for them, is on the line if we do not stand against this pure evil.

Keep their minds pure, their eyes fixed on Jesus, and their hearts the gold they are.





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Rachel Haggerty is a wife and mother of four. She is a homeschooling mom, wedding venue owner and published author. She has a passion for sharing what Jesus has done in her personal life, and lifting the veil off of the plans of the evil one in this world through the occult.
You can find her listening to podcasts while doing laundry, and tackling her endless list of “To Do’s” for the day. She’s a lifter of heads, an encourager, and trying her best to raise kind people in this crazy world.

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  • Holly Downing
    Posted at 08:10h, 18 March Reply

    What there has been is a pernicious attempt to slur educators, some parents and students by claiming that schools and teachers are trying to sexualize children. This is patently untrue. A minority of parents want to push some Floridians out of the state or into the closet because their physical make up is different from their own kid, and these parents don’t like it. Such parents aren’t trying to bolster all parental rights so much as augment their own personal views at the expense of the rights of other children to obtain a free and fair education. Parents have always had the option to homeschool their children; now they want to dictate how public schools educate everyone regardless of the needs or views of any other parents or students?. Reminds me of DeSantis almost commanding teens behind him at a news conference to remove their masks in spite of the fact that their parents wanted them to wear masks, then claim to “stand with parents” – hypocrisy, plain and simple.

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