Netflix Show ‘Sex Education’ – A New Low for Teen-Geared Shows

Porn scene in first 30 seconds of season one, episode one

Netflix has a short list of good shows available for youth and adults. However, their newly released Sex Education TV series is downright dangerous for teens.

Over the last decade, I’ve noticed more and more sex glamorized in teen geared shows, but Netflix reached a new low with their newly released Sex Education TV series. In the last 2 years Netflix has pumped out many graphic original series like 13 Reasons Why which glamorizes suicide and has been linked to several teen deaths (which I believe the number is much higher). The worst so-called puberty geared show Big Mouth is also a very graphic adult cartoon watched by millions of young people. Riverdale season 3 just kicked off last fall and their trailer depicts witchcraft and ends with a scene of potential baby sacrifice. All top shows watched by teens in America.

However, on January 11, a mere 3 weeks ago, a new teen Netflix show called Sex Education, has now been added to my worst ever shows to hit the airwaves. This British comedy drama was created by Laurie Nunn. It stars Gillian Anderson, Asa Butterfield, Emma Mackey, Ncuti Gatwa, Connor Swindells, and Kedar Wiliams-Stirling.

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This is Absolutely Enraging – My Kids Screamed Ew!

Indecent exposure inserted in many kids’ movies today

Kids movies, like Sherlock Gnomes, should NOT include stripper scenes and naked bodies, but sadly many do. What is this behavior teaching our kids? What consequences will our children face if they start to mimic what they see or if someone asks them to strip?

“Mommy, I saw a preview for a movie today. It was well… gross.” My oldest daughter chose her words carefully that evening. My husband, their father, took her and her sister to see the kids’ movie Ferdinand while I was at work. I stood there listening as I scrubbed the dinner dishes at the kitchen sink wondering what could be so disgusting that she wanted to tell me. Blood? Snot?

“Why was it so gross?” I put a plate in the dishwasher as I glanced at her.

She shrugged. Her face gave away a look of embarrassment.

“Well….” I paused completely from the dishes and turned to looked at her. What kind of movie preview did they show before this kids’ movie I wondered?

“Uh… well…” My seven year old’s nose scrunched up and her lips curled downward. “The guy in the preview lost his pants.”

Oh, seriously? Are you kidding me? Another movie! Why does this keep happening!

An overwhelming tightness grabbed my chest. Anger, rage, and fury consumed me as I thought about producers, directors and illustrators who had once again stuck this sick act in a children’s movie.

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What to Do to Combat Porn on Social Media

Parenting that will guide our kids' hearts in the right direction

We will never eradicate porn on social media. However, if we teach our kids what to do when they discover porn, we will help them know how to protect their hearts and minds from this very additive, damaging temptation. Problem solved.

I am 19 years old and an avid social media user. I know first-hand that in the world of social media, it is virtually impossible for parents to monitor every single platform, text message, and website their child engages in. Parents can put parental guides and restrictions on their child’s device, but this does not block every site, and they can’t stop their kid from seeing ungodly material while with their friends.

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Is This Raunchy Book – The Handmaid’s Tale – Recommended Reading at Your Child’s School?

Hollywood Insider: Ep 25

Porn filled books like The Handmaid’s Tale are now recommended reading for high school students. Find out what your child is reading for class!

the handmaid's tale

Several weeks ago Carla D’addesi’s friend made an urgent stop to her house one afternoon to read some lines from a book called The Handmaid’s Tale. Both moms were floored that this book was on their children’s recommended reading list at school. After her friend read several passages which were filled with pornography, threesomes and violence too horrific to write in this blog, they both shed some tears and then Carla did what she does best – she took action! She gathered several other parents and headed to a school board meeting to express their concern.

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