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By Katie Stallings

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“The entertainment industry is vast and is a reflection of the society we live in.”

Karrine Steffans

Could this be any more true?

It is a pretty reflective statement, no pun intended. What would that look like if we applied this thought to America? In my eyes, not so good. For years our entertainment industry has gradually instituted liberalism onto American television screens, movie theaters, and radios, to streaming networks, video, and music platforms. Little by little, we have been exposed to the world’s evil until we get just comfortable enough with what we see and hear that we do not think twice about what we are taking in.

Have you ever stepped into a pool and the water was so chilly that you had to build up endurance before you could wade out further or sink in deeper? Eventually, your body gets used to the water’s temperature, and you ease under just a little bit more every few minutes until you do not feel the chill anymore. The elite agenda works the exact same way, using media content as an outlet. In 2022, one side is shoving drag queens and the LGBTQ at us and over sensualized images and aborting babies tossed our way on the other, and we have become numb to the impact when it hits us. When will we realize that this is a danger zone for Christians especially? 

It is not difficult to attest that evil has progressed immensely, just as Jesus said it would. It is running rampant like never before. God places these warnings throughout the Bible of what is to come. He always follows with guidance on how to handle these times of trouble and reminds us that it will not last long. However, there is a way out of this mess. We have a purpose here on earth as long as we breath in our bodies. As Christians, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc., we have a mission to protect ourselves and, most importantly, our young ones. 

Children and teens are exposed to so much, and there is nothing on TV or the internet that seems censored anymore. This can have very poor impacts if we do not take the time to be leaders in our homes and take care of God’s blessings. Here are a few things you can do to guard your home against liberal indoctrination and alert your children to the dangers of some of the media content they encounter daily.

Set Your Standards and Know Your Limits 

Everything needs a foundation to be stable. The stronger the foundation, the sturdier it will be. Parental influence is the main layer of the foundation of a child’s life. Everything they learn, how they act, say, etc., begins at home with mom and dad. We must have godly morals and standards for ourselves because they will be bricks used to build your children’s moral base. They not only need these virtues to show outside the home, but they should also carry these with them inside too. 

We live in a society where entertainment and media dominate our lives. Our standards should not be dropped when we are  consuming content, but they are all too often. It leaves a window for the enemy to sneak in and settle in for a while. Close that entrance before he enters by making a list of media standards or guidelines you have for your household when it comes to media time and what type of entertainment is permitted to be played in your home. Here are a few ideas to get started: no nudity, nothing that uses God’s name in vain, and no demonic movies. If you have questions about something you see or hear, good or bad, ask! (Don’t forget that VidAngel is a great resource to block these out!)

Have a family night and explain what morals are and why it is important to have them in life outside of the house and inside and with what they watch and listen to. List them out or do a fun activity to connect with the conversation. Do not be afraid to get creative! 

Having a thorough conversation! Explaining this to them could prevent rebellion. Although some conversations will gradually come with age, time, and maturity, being reasonably honest with your kids is okay. You might be surprised at how much they appreciate it. It also builds trust and respect for the parent, and they will be more understanding and possibly willing to stay away from certain songs/artists, movies, T.V. shows, and video games.

Having a “mature” conversation with them about a grown-up topic will make them feel like they have an important job.

Invest in Your Children’s Entertainment Interests 

A great way to spend time with your children is to watch TV, read to them or have them read to you. You are learning more about what piques their interest and building your relationship with them, strengthening their minds (by reading), and making yourself available to answer questions they may have about topics or events covered in the show. You also get to play secret agent by observing if the content they are into is appropriate or should be kicked to the curb. 

Teenagers might not be too keen on the idea of watching everything with others around because teens like their space and independence. However, it is worth investigating to narrow down a similar entertainment interest. Taking on a series, movie, or story together as a family or parent and child can open up the door for deep conversations with your teens. I believe even teenagers will ask questions about events and topics in the show, just like the younger kids do.

Ask Yourself Reflective Questions

Usually, when someone is improving something about themselves, they will have a list of questions they answer about themselves, like, “What makes me worry? What are my priorities? What do I need to change?” Try doing a media content reflection: What does the content I watch and listen to say about me and my values? Do they line up? How does the content I absorb affect me? Does it make me more educated on issues in the world? Does it help me grow? Do I feel depressed, sad, or rebellious after I watch a program or hear a song? 

There is nothing wrong with wanting to sit back and be entertained by a good movie that will make you laugh or help you relax after a long day. I love a good film, and I love my family’s movie nights even more! However, it is good to be mindful that what you feed your eyes, ears, and mind is positive and not drenched in worldliness and demonic influence.

Entertainment and media are one of the most fun and creative gifts God has given us, but it is so sadly abused by many and have been used with dark intentions. Do not allow the enemy access into your home through the content on your TV, phone, or computer. Try implementing these suggestions in your home. You might be glad you did!


The opinions in this article are specific to its author, and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the entire Counter Culture Mom team.




As a proud North Carolina girl, Katie Stallings follows her love for writing at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. Her other passions include Jesus, Bible Theology and Eschatology, singing, acting, and uncovering the truth about secret societies, the elite, and things hidden in plain sight. Katie discovered the deceit of the entertainment industry in her early 20s, which led her down a path of exposing the darkness that Hollywood promotes and the evil in the political world.

When she is not working, doing school work, or trying to pack her mind full of information, you will find her with her family or friends, spending time with her nephew, and working in her home church, all with a coffee in her hand.

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