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Do you know what your children are learning in school?

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By Kathryn Knight

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What are kids really learning in school? This question has many answers, but if you ask yourself sincerely, and are ready to look at educational options, these answers might provoke an educational change.

It has become clear that many public schools in America are teaching students that America is not a great country and that there is nothing exceptional about the USA. These schools are wrong and it is up to parents to realize what their kids are being taught and to get them out of these socialist clutches and start raising patriots.

Schools are teaching radical viewpoints that are contrary to the facts and that encourage kids to hate their own country. They are taught to not see people as individuals blessed with “certain unalienable rights,” but rather as a part of a group that is either celebrated or maligned, depending on what is politically expedient. This is the opposite of the American ideal of personal freedom and responsibility.

Schools now spend time teaching everything but an academically-rigorous, factual curriculum. The result? Students who think that socialism is superior and that government stepping in is best. A generation of young people now think that free markets and capitalism are bad and that social welfare programs designed to keep people in poverty are essential. 

Examples of education failing students include the following three areas (there are myriad more examples). These show how lionizing radical political views mean that important aspects are missing from education:


Everyone has seen the embarrassing man-on-the-street interviews where folks cannot identify the three branches of government nor do they know what rights are guaranteed in the Bill of Rights. Every American should know these facts. 


Children are not taught about the rich history of our country. They cannot identify the second president of the USA (or maybe even the first!). They are only taught about the flaws of Americans, not how our “more perfect union” was designed to avoid tyranny. Accounts of American heroes are not taught anymore but are replaced with examples of political and cultural radicals.


This is a pet peeve of mine, but, honestly, if we cannot read cursive, we cannot read original documents or old correspondence and are at the mercy of whoever “interprets” it for us. This goes together with how important it is to actually read original works and make sure we understand them. Yes, the syntax of previous generations is often more complex than today’s texts, but their words are rich in meaning and worth slowing down to read.

Final Thoughts

Parents, it is time to stop the attack against your family and our nation’s foundations. You can homeschool your kids or find a private school that teaches accurate, factual history and civics programs. Our Founding Fathers were brilliant, but like all of us, they were not perfect. However, they put into place documents and a form of government that limited power of the elected and guaranteed freedom to all people. Our country is not perfect. We can cite abuses of power and instances of people making laws for the wrong reasons. But the idea of American exceptionalism can be proven throughout our history. 

So ask yourself and your friends: why are our children still in government-run institutions that teach hatred for traditional values? Get your kids out now and find a program that will teach historical truth, American exceptionalism and patriotism. Socialism never works. The schools promoting it produce kids who think bigger government – not personal responsibility – is the answer to everything. It is a slippery slope to Communism and we can see the results of that evil plan in every country in which it has been mandated. We do not want that here.



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Kathryn Knight, EdD, has homeschooled for over a quarter of a century. Four of her five girls have graduated and Kathryn is loving the new adventure of homeschool with an “only” child. She loves teaching all subjects, especially history, and has made an art of educating her kids with hands-on projects, re-enactments and travel.

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