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Opinion: Why Kids NEED to understand the Second Amendment

A guest opinion
By Alexis Fischer

The Second Amendment is a subject that many parents may not think about when it comes to being counterculture.

Often, Christian parents think of preparing their kids for the battles of spiritual warfare, training them to debate on issues like abortion, and strengthening their theological foundation before they dive headfirst into a secular college environment.

Of course, all of these things are integral to training up children who will proclaim the gospel unashamedly and stand firm in their faith as they mature into adulthood.

Today, high school and part-time college student Alexis Fischer is offering her perspective on why it’s important to properly educate children on the truth about why the Second Amendment matters when it comes to protecting the freedom we enjoy in this country.


Most of the time, when kids think of guns, they associate it with something bad. It’s time to change that around.

In today’s society, it seems as if schoolchildren have made up their minds on gun rights already, meaning guns are bad and should not only be restricted but completely banned except by use of our government. Although we live in a society where people are allowed to have that opinion on guns, it seems as if most children don’t have a real, solid reason to believe guns are bad. Perhaps their teachers or some other trusted adult told them guns were violent. This misinformation is why it is so important that kids understand the Second Amendment.

Identifying the problem

First of all, where does this idea that guns are bad come from? Kids are like sponges. They always absorb what others tell them. With this being said, as previously mentioned, most of the time this idea comes from parents, teachers or some other trusted adult. When children see on the news that there was a shooting, they hear, “guns are killing people” or, “protect kids not guns.” Hearing enough of this propaganda will make children start to believe that gun owners are choosing their guns over real lives or that every time a child sees a gun, they are afraid that they will die. This is the false narrative that the media creates. It’s all part of a communist agenda because as we know, a country without guns is much easier to take down than an armed one.

Here is what you can do

As parents, patriots and concerned gun owners, what are we supposed to do regarding this issue? Children are the future. In 18 years, they start to have an impact on what our country looks like. If they believe guns are evil and don’t understand the Second Amendment, then they will vote for gun control laws, which is why we need to start educating kids on the truth about the Second Amendment as soon as possible.

The first thing parents should do is read the Second Amendment to their children which states: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

In simpler terms, the Second Amendment states that it is a right of the people of the United States to have and use firearms. It is important that children are familiar with the Second Amendment. You cannot defend something you don’t understand.

So, what can parents do to teach their children the importance of the Second Amendment? One thing you can do is debunk the argument that guns kill people. Guns don’t kill people and never have. In fact, I would love to hear about just one time in history when a gun loaded itself, located a target, took off the safety and pulled the trigger, delivering a fatal wound to its target. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. Therefore, this argument is a fallacy.

It is also important to point out that most times, a shooter, like in school shootings, often decide to murder because they are mentally unstable.

A lot of times, children build their opinions based on experiences. For example, a child may hate bees because he had been stung before and it hurt whereas a child who has never gotten stung may love bees because he doesn’t associate a stinging pain with bees like the first child does. So, if a child has never had an experience with a gun, can they truly have an unbiased, uninfluenced opinion on guns and the Second Amendment?

Personally, I believe that answer is no. If you believe your child is old and mature enough, why not take a gun safety class? There are so many resources exist to educate citizens on all sorts of topics from gun safety to target shooting. As a personal example, I have always really liked guns but never learned how to shoot tactically. Since I live in a state that allows me to open and conceal carry, I decided to learn how to shoot tactically.

In the beginning, I wasn’t used to handling guns and was even a little nervous putting a loaded gun into my holster. However, after just a few lessons, I started to feel extremely comfortable. Even if your child isn’t old enough or mature enough to take these courses themselves, I recommend that you either watch training videos with them or even complete gun training yourself and have your child watch.

Any way at all that you can get your child to have positive, respectful experiences with guns is extremely important and it is an almost automatic guarantee that they will appreciate and understand the Second Amendment much more than they did before.

Children are the Future

As briefly stated before, kids don’t stay kids very long. In only 18 short years they start to have an impact on our country through the voting system. One of the most common reasons children may think it is a good idea to ban guns is so that bad people can’t gain access to firearms. This is not true. The only thing that banning guns will do is prevent the “good guys” from carrying guns.

If firearms were prohibited, this would diminish the demand of guns in a normal market whereas the demand for weapons on the black market would skyrocket. Now, people will sell guns on the black market because these people know they can get top dollar for them. All these bad people who want guns can easily find someone who will sell it to them. Prohibition has been shown to do the exact opposite of its intended purpose. As a result, the only thing this prohibition would do is disarm the good and arm the bad.

As a quick example, doesn’t it seem ironic that most shootings happen in gun free zones? Even prohibition of guns on a very small scale proves this point, but if the Second Amendment was in place, the chances of a shooting happening are greatly reduced. This is all very common sense, yet most kids seem too brainwashed to see the truth.

If children don’t understand the Second Amendment, then they will believe the propaganda about “guns killing people” and how guns need to be banned.

Our founding fathers were smart people, they wanted to declare independence from Britain for a reason and they added the Second Amendment for a reason. They didn’t want us to end up like England or worse. With all of this being said, the best way for kids to understand the importance of the Second Amendment is by you, the parent, educating them and giving them real experience with firearms. You also must make them aware of the dire consequences of an America without guns, which would almost certainly lead us down a straight path towards communism.




The opinions in this article are specific to its author, and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the entire Counter Culture Mom team.


Brink Finkler, the President of Defense Systems, visited with Tina Griffin on the Counter Culture Mom Show and provides a solid example of one way people can be trained to react to active shooter situations. This is a great interview that ties into the theme of today’s post: self-defense! 



Alexis Fischer is both a part time high school student and part time college student and author of ZAP! She has a passion for writing and speaking the truth through it.

When Alexis isn’t in school or writing, she is often photographing landscapes or traveling. She can be found volunteering at a local zoo and finding new ways to help both people and animals around her. Most importantly, Alexis loves to glorify God in all that she does.

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