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Marxism Exposed: Part One

Part One of an Exclusive Op/Ed, titled ‘Dirty Little Secrets: The truth about Karl Marx and Adam Weishaupt’
By Summer Lane

 Something keeps bugging me about the term socialism.

Conservative political pundits repeatedly claim that progressive leftists want to drag America into the depths of Marxist socialism. Progressive leftists cheerily agree with this, because socialism, they say, is at least better than the corrupt system of economics in the United States. Fair enough. What we have now in the United States is certainly not working for anyone – but it begs the question: what economic and social system actually does dominate the United States of America in 2022? Is it nothing more than an evil, capitalistic system that cannot be regulated properly, and thus it must be eliminated entirely, a la’ Michael Moore style? Or is it something else? Honestly: what is a capitalist economy? Is it what we have right now? Or was it something we used to have a very long time ago? What does socialism and communism have in common? Why is there such a fascination with Karl Marx? Why is the ideology of Joseph Stalin pervasively popular among college-age students? Why is there such an enormous push to tear down the American system and replace it with something totally different? Let’s take a look.

The Birth of Marxism

To understand the impact that Karl Marx has had on the world, you have to view his ideology through the lens of history. Marx was born in Prussia in 1818, and while he is often touted as a great thinker and philosopher, what Karl Marx was, at his core, was morally decrepit. Millions of people around the world have been slaughtered in the pursuit of his Utopian doctrine – a doctrine which handily leads to total destruction. One of the driving factors behind the horrendous destruction inflicted upon entire countries in the name of fairness and equality is the eradication of God in communist and Marxist ideology. Karl Marx hated God, and he is quoted as saying that “Communism begins where atheism begins.” He hated Christianity with a burning passion, and he especially hated the Jews. Marx said, “The Israelite faith is repulsive to me.” In fact, historian and author Dr. Paul Kengor wrote in his book, The Devil and Karl Marx, that Karl Marx himself was obsessed with the occult and the demonic, as seen in his early writings and poems (see more here.)

To define Karl Marx as some kind of Christian social justice warrior – which many feckless progressive Christians will often attempt to do – is not just completely ignorant of historical facts, but it’s just plain stupid. One of the biggest driving factors in the life of Marx was his disdain for Christian morality and traditional Judeo-Christian values. In order to institute his ideological dreamworld (predicated on the destruction of class structure, eradication of private property ownership, and statelessness), two major entities of society needed to be eliminated: the traditional family and the church. Both of these things existed as total counterpoints to Marx’s revolutionary “dictatorship of the proletariat,” as stated by socialist Joseph Weydemeyer. Communism would, in Marx’s view, be won through violence, by the working class overthrowing the ruling class. A simple, cursory glance at communism (which is the end goal of Marx’s socialistic ruminations), may not seem so disturbing. After all, is there not an elitist ruling class that dictates the terms for the rest of the world? A ruling class that seems to beat their scepters on the backs of the peons of the public, drunk on power and wealth and corruption? Certainly. But is communism the answer to their depthless abuse of the common man? Let us consider the facts, and in this case, historical evidence can answer our question.

So, we know, based on Karl Marx’s own writings, that he hated God. He called religion the opium of the masses. Usually, most people who go around hating God despise the idea of a divine Creator because acknowledging Him as authoritative demands heart change and conformity to standards of God-defined morality. Marx, however, was enamored with the idea of human beings who were not, as was traditionally taught in the Bible, image-bearers of an Almighty God. Marx believed that man was little more than a higher species of animal. In fact, Marx was a huge admirer of Charles Darwin’s relatively new evolutionary theory, which seemed to jive nicely with the whole “man is just an animal” idea. And so, we see that one of the first big issues with Karl Marx and his social ideas is that it denigrates the value of humanity. When humans seek to be nothing more than animals, killing them off is really no big deal. Let’s face it: divine image-bearers of a Holy God vs. evolved apes? Which category do you think might be treated, socially speaking, with more respect? In trivializing human worth, Marx began a popularized downward spiral of social justice. Man was not man. Man was a cog in a wheel. A paltry rodent in a teeming mass of working-class miscreants. Those miscreants were little more than a means to an end – a way to bring about the ultimate statelessness of communism, which would eradicate private ownership of property and establish a universal income. The biggest problem, of course, with this social-justice dream is that man is inherently wicked. Communism could only exist in a perfect world, where people acted without sin, demanded nothing of their neighbors, and desired nothing from life. Without variance in income, there is nothing to strive for. When everyone is special, no one is special. And, most terrifyingly of all, the state is your new lord and master. Forget about God. You now get to worship the holy state. Of course, as we know, governments are corrupt because human nature is corrupt. Therefore, how can anyone expect a communistic government to have anyone’s best interests at heart? You can’t. Don’t believe that? Let’s take a look at the nightmarish death toll that communism has exacted over the years.

Communism: A Serial Killer

According to an article written by Professor Stephen Kotkin in The Wall Street Journal, at least 65 million people have died under communist regimes between 1917 and 2017.  Most people might look at that and think, You know what, communism doesn’t look like such a hot idea. And yet its dangerous ideas are promoted in colleges across America and championed by today’s wealthy celebrities – who are, ironically, a part of the elite ruling class who Karl Marx so fervently hated. Celebrities who have built their empires on the backs of capitalistic ideas, and then proceed to turn around and trash those very ideas that made them rich. It really makes you think…what Kool-Aid are these people drinking? Remember, Karl Marx once referred to religion as the opium of the masses. Religion restrained society. It drew lines in the sand. It established clear parameters and expectations for moral behavior. It helped people to immediately distinguish truth versus fiction. In reality, Marx hated religion because it gave people discernment and common sense. You cannot overthrow a moral and religious people – not very easily, at least. But you can handily overthrow a godless, weakened, and emotional society predicated on subjective truth and popularized social justice mantras.

When the Bolshevik Revolution kicked off in 1917, Vladimir Lenin spearheaded the movement with a little coup aimed at overthrowing the Russian government. In his brilliant and breathtaking book, The Conflict of the Ages, author and preacher Dr. Gaebelein contends that communism, socialism, and the deaths that would consume the 20th century were primarily motivated by the rise of the Illuminati, a Satanic secret society sprung from the denizens of France. Even the very word Illuminati stirs up whispers of conspiracy from the average American, and yet history speaks for itself: where the Illuminati has existed, communism and socialism has reigned. Indeed, Illuminism is not some Hollywood-borne fantasy. It is a reality – and it is a sick one at that.

Adam Weishaupt and the Birth of Illuminism: “Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity”

Much of the history of the Illuminati is shrouded in secrecy, given its secret nature. There are few books or resources on the subject, and yet with a little basic observational skill, one can easily trace its origins and effects over the past century and a half. Adam Weishaupt was perhaps the most influential mechanism of Illuminism. Born in 1748 in Bavaria, he was a so-called philosopher, obsessed with occultism and Satanic ritualism. He believed, also, that reason must be the supreme religion of the world. He hated patriotism, social classes, and the traditional family (Gaebelein, 70). It can be no coincidence that he formed the Illuminati the same year that the American nation was birthed: 1776. It was Weishaupt who would bring Illuminism and Freemasonry together into a closer partnership. Each society, of course, had one similar goal: world-wide revolution, achieved through violence, with the end goal being communism and the eradication of religion. Weishaupt and his followers were coy, as well. As many Freemasons will even tell you now, Freemasonry elevates Jesus Christ to a position of honor and worth, and they advertise membership to Christians and Jews. Unfortunately, this is a deception. Illuminism is rooted at its highest and deepest levels in blatant occultism and Satanism. The deeper one ventures into this secret society, the more impossible it becomes to disentangle oneself from the truth of the matter. A 33rd degree Mason knows exactly what he is doing, who is he worshipping, and why he is doing it: and it has nothing to do with Jesus Christ. In Illuminism or Freemasonry, Christ is merely the bait. Indeed, Illuminism raged liked a wildfire after its initial conception, jumping continents and taking root in the young American Republic. Even Thomas Paine, great patriot and revolutionary that he was, became a member of the Illuminati (Gaebelein, 74). This secretive and poisonous vein of so-called brotherhood and fraternity has spread throughout the United States since our founding, ultimately manifesting in bloody dictatorships that saw death, destruction, and ruin beyond imagination. You can handily pinpoint vestiges of Illuminism in every level of American society, beginning with the dollar bill: the all-seeing eye atop the pyramid, with the Latin phrase inscribed beneath it: Novus Ordo Seclorum, which means…

New Order of the Ages.


To be continued…come back Friday for the conclusion of the editorial!



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Summer Lane is the #1 bestselling author of 30 books, including the hit Collapse Series and Resurrection Series. She is an experienced journalist and columnist who reports on news within the U.S. and abroad. Additionally, she analyzes politics and policies in weekly op/Eds on The Write Revolution.

Summer is also a mom and wife who enjoys rural country living, herding cats, and gardening. She is passionate about writing about women’s issues, parenting, and politics from a theologically-grounded perspective that points readers to the good news of the gospel.

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