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Communism from the Pulpit (Pt. 2)

Part Two of an Exclusive Op/Ed, titled ‘Pulpit Paranoia’
By Summer Lane

“Peacemaking, by its very nature, requires action in the first place.”

American colonists understood this. Colonies were built around their community in the church, and both pastors and parishioners alike understood the integral truth that the spiritual life shaped personal life, and personal life shaped social life, which in turn affected how the entire community viewed the world. Modern churches, for years cow-tied and muzzled by the totalitarian trap of a 501c3 non-profit status, clamped their mouths shut on political issues – turning their backs on a legacy of civic involvement.

Remember the abolitionists? It was through the revivals in America and the conviction of the churches that the abolitionist movement picked up steam. Every cultural and moral shift toward good, just change in American society has been spearheaded by the religious community. And yet, today, American churchgoers seem content to lament the state of the nation to each other in church, to briefly say a saccharine prayer before the weekly offering for the conspicuously titled chaotic world of unrest in society (far be it from churches to be specific in naming names or pointing out specific misdeeds!), and to turn the other cheek, somehow forgetting that turning the cheek is not meant to be translated as doing nothing, but rather, continuing onward with what is right despite being antagonized for it. 

Truly, the warrior zeal of legendary patriot and pastor James Caldwell – sometimes called the Fighting Chaplain – would be ashamed of the lukewarm interest most churches take in political events of today. As the story goes, Caldwell supplied his troops with hymnals in place of ammunition when they had run out of shots against the British, declaring riotously, “Give em’ Watts, boys!” A reference of course, to hymn writer Isaac Watts.

The APN shares on their site the immaculate observation of revivalist Charles Finney:

If there is a decay of conscience, the pulpit is responsible for it. If the public press lacks moral discrimination, the pulpit is responsible for it. If the church is degenerate and worldly, the pulpit is responsible for it. If the world loses its interest in religion, the pulpit is responsible for it. If Satan rules in our halls of legislation, the pulpit is responsible for it. If our politics become so corrupt that the very foundations of our government are ready to fall away, the pulpit is responsible for it.

It was the patriot-pulpit that delivered America from bondage. This is the fighting heritage of America’s pastors and preachers. So, what has happened?

Indeed, that is the question. What has happened? When, precisely, did American churches cease to attack difficult subjects and unabashedly define right versus wrong based on the standards of the Word of God? When, exactly, did this communal decline begin? Was it after the Civil War, in the corrupt, ash-laden factory towns of the Industrial Revolution? Was it after the first World War, when the horrors of tear gas and bombs had blown soldiers into pieces? Was it during the Roaring Twenties, when loose and easy became the new moral and upright? Was it after World War II, when FDR’s socialist policies began to take malicious root in the fabric of American culture, expanding the breadth and control of the godless federal government to never before seen proportions? Was it during the sexual revolution? The feminist movement? What triggered the destruction of the puritanical ideals that empowered and strengthened America at her founding and carried her through the devastation of the Civil War? 

No. It was none of these things alone. 

It was us, dear reader. The people.

When the churches slowly succumbed to the gospel of political-correctness, we surrendered our freedom. When we decided that being comfortable, that being prim and popular and busy was more important than being just, we surrendered. When the genocide of unborn children was fashioned as a political weapon in the popular media, we hid from it. When radical feminism was unleashed on society, we allowed it to subversively work its way into our women’s Bible studies and book clubs. When television, movies, and public schools promoted consequence-free sexual liaisons, the church responded with the toxicity of purity culture – absolutist demands without adequate explanations, fanning the flames of feminist disdain and breeding doubt and feelings of worthlessness among young teen girls. When presidential administrations committed heinous atrocities or put forth godless, destructive, anti-biblical legislation, the church remained silent. Sealed. Politics just isn’t our area, we were told. We’re just supposed to love everyone. That’s what Jesus wants us to do. 

And yet are we not commanded to show our love through the fruit of our good works? Are we not, as blessed members of a constitutional republic, tasked with the incredible duty of taking part in civil discourse so that we may shape the policy and society of our culture? In failing to take part in such civil discourse, are we not shirking our duty – indeed, are we not shirking our very jobs? This is not, as many Christians fallaciously argue, a society which mirrors Roman culture. Pay your taxes and follow the laws set forth by your emperor, we were instructed by the apostles who came before us. Yet here in America, we the people are the seat of political power. When our morality wanes, so does our society. There is no excuse for any church in America to shy away from political or cultural topics. When we, as Christians, remain silent in the face of evil, our silence is thunderous. Our silence says to the world, We are weak. We are Christians who stand for nothing, fight for nothing, and are unable to tolerate even the faintest touch of persecution to speak the truth. Because at the heart of it all, that is what stops the church from speaking truth into a hurting world on fire: fear of persecution. Make no mistake, persecution has been a hallmark of the Christian church since its birth. And perhaps this knowledge has not been totally forgotten by American pastors and their congregations. After all, the fear of being cancelled, sued, or imprisoned for espousing Biblical principles from the pulpit is often what stays the hands of many pastors. When it becomes terrifying to preach Christ, to preach the gospel, to preach what is true, many shrink back. Yet, the brave-hearted, warrior preachers of the American Revolution knew better. The Black Robe Regiment carried not just the holy fire of Christ’s redemptive love in their hearts, but an inferno of patriotic zeal – a love for their families, a love for freedom to worship in a white-washed chapel, and a love for declaring the Word of God, unmolested and unashamed. 

How long, America, will we tolerate this weakness of the church? How long until the church, in its unabashed quest to remain fun and fresh, perishes into nothingness? For it is not secularism that threatens the doors of Christ’s congregation. No, it is something far worse. It is the religion of self. The religion of sensuality and hyper-sexuality and self-indulgence. The religion of subjectivity and cancel-culture and social media trends. The religion of nanny-state government. The religion of medical fascism. I have news for you, wayward church: this is all coming to your doorstep.

Actually, it’s already here.

So, my question to you is this: will you stand and fight back?

Or will you conform? 

I’ll leave you with this: 

Do not be conformed to this world  but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect

Romans 12:2 


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Summer Lane is the #1 bestselling author of 30 books, including the hit Collapse Series and Resurrection Series. She is an experienced journalist and columnist who reports on news within the U.S. and abroad. Additionally, she analyzes politics and policies in weekly op/Eds on The Write Revolution.

Summer is also a mom and wife who enjoys rural country living, herding cats, and gardening. She is passionate about writing about women’s issues, parenting, and politics from a theologically-grounded perspective that points readers to the good news of the gospel.

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