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Check Out These Top Magazines for Kids!

The books have all been read and the puzzles have all been built. Want to do something new and different? Enjoy some of these marvelous magazines for kids!

Summer can’t come fast enough!  The kids are getting restless and you’re more than fried. You don’t want the TV to be a babysitter and yet you’re having a hard time finding something new to do. The books on the shelf have all been read to the point where the cover is coming apart at the seems and you don’t feel like cleaning up a major painting mess. And it’s waaaaaayyyyyy too cold to let them play outside for more than 5 minutes… Well, I have a solution!

When I was a kid I remember getting all excited running up to the mailbox knowing my favorite magazine was going to come that day! Magazine time with the kids fosters a deeper relationship that other entertainment options don’t provide. Here are the top choices I have on my magazine rack at home or heard about from other mommies, and all of them are very affordable. I narrowed it down to these top choices for you, knowing how overwhelmed I feel walking into a Barnes and Noble and seeing hundreds of magazines to choose from.

(Click on the name of the magazine below for more information and for ordering.)

  • Clubhouse & Clubhouse Jr. Magazines – Published by Focus on the Family, these magazines are full of games, stories, craft ideas and tons of information that will help your kids grow and learn about today’s world. (these magazines are currently 50% off!)
  • Scholastic Parent & Child Magazine – This magazines helps parents maximize their children’s happiness and success in school and home.  Their focus is on academics, emotional and physical health and behavior.  Articles include information on travel, pets, educational toys, family and more.
  • LEGO Club Magazine – This is one of my kids’ favorites!  What child doesn’t like LEGOs? You can sign up for the FREE printed magazine and online, to get newsletter updates on what’s happenin’ in LEGO land! Connect with other imaginative builders around the globe.
    magazines for kids

    CHOP CHOP magazine. Just one of many awesome mags for your kids!

  • Chop Chop Magazine – This magazine is perfect for parents and kids to learn how to cook healthy, inexpensive, simple meals together! Many studies have shown that families who eat healthy meals together help fight obesity and create closeness in the family unit. This magazine also includes many food facts, puzzles, games and interviews with some of the top chefs in the Nation and is endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatrics.
  • FamilyFun Magazine – This magazine is packed with craft ideas, science experiments, recipes, family trip options, health and wellness information, decorating ideas and more!
  • American Girl Magazine – If your daughter wants to get a modern anti boy-crazy magazine, she will love this publication! Crafts, party ideas, projects, puzzles, contests, age-appropriate advice and jokes can be found throughout this magazine.
  • Highlights Magazine – When I was a kid, this was the magazine I read over and over again. Learn a wide range of school skills, do puzzles and crafts, read stories and more! (get a hidden pictures fun booklet for FREE & ask for the school-aged kid discount! savings of $9.60 yr)
  • Above Rubies – Their motto is to encourage women in their high calling as wives, mothers and homemakers. This magazine helps moms learn how to raise well-rounded children and gives moms the encouragement needed to keep on the hard but rewarding path of child-rearing.
    magazines for kids

    Homelife magazine is a great mag for helping you raise kids chaos-fre

  • HomeLife Magazine – One of my new favorites, this magazine is loaded with solutions to maintain a spiritually healthy household. Dynamic marriages, life-changing discipleship and effective parenting is this magazine’s goal.
  • Family Magazine – If you’re a homeschooling family, like myself, you will love this magazine full of practical advice and resources. Organizing tips, simple recipes for moms and kids to make together, along with how to solve hard family life situations are discussed.

To keep your kids from boredom, the top 10 magazines above are great selections to choose from. Plus, your kids will have a fun time seeing something new come in the mail with their name on it! That alone will encourage them to want to learn and explore some unchartered territory.

Question: What are some other family friendly magazines you have liked and enjoyed with your kids? You can leave a comment by clicking here.


  • Cheryl Walker
    Posted at 19:14h, 09 March Reply

    These are great gift ideas too: to give and if grandparents, aunties…want to give your child a gift.

    • Tina
      Posted at 13:09h, 10 March Reply


      Great hearing from you! Yes! Excellent idea! Birthday gifts, Christmas, you name it! That’s such a sweet idea. Instead of toys or the one that’s my least favorite…ANOTHER STUFFED ANIMAL, get these magazine subscriptions instead! Thanks Cheryl! We miss you guys!

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