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Watch Out For Predators on Your Screens

by Dr. Kathryn M. Knight

Watch Out For Predators on Your Screens

It is reprehensible that people prey on children and many have even been trying for years to legalize sex with children. But they are out there, and we as parents must be careful to protect our kids. One recent concern speeding across the internet is seemingly innocent symbols involving butterflies, hearts, and triangles used by pedophiles to identify themselves and further their legal status. An FBI report published in 2007 verified the use of these symbols. Some corporations were aghast that they had innocently used them on their toys.

Most parents were stunned to learn what these cutesy symbols represented. But bottom line, when the FBI report came out, the predators moved on to other ways to identify themselves. They did not, however, quit trying to lure children into their evil clutches nor did they quit trying to make their crimes legal.  We as parents must be diligent to watch out for sexual predators on our screens and protect our kids from them and other sexual criminals.

Sexual Innuendos

Another internet discussion lately has been about sexual innuendos and imagery in children’s shows. What happened to innocent children’s entertainment like Mr. Rogers? A quick search of the internet shows scores of examples of “adult humor” and inappropriate depictions in Disney and other shows marketed to kids. “Adult humor” is a misnomer, however. The Bible clearly teaches that course joking and crude language are not to be used by anyone (Ephesians 5:4 and others). Solomon was correct when he said that there is nothing new under the sun (Ecclesiastes 1:9).

Evil has been present since sin entered the world in the Garden of Eden. Satan has been rebelling against God and trying to kill, steal, and destroy people; desensitizing kids and awakening desires is one ploy. Song of Solomon 8:4 tells us, “Do not awaken desire until its time” meaning that there is a time for sexual awareness; but sexualizing kids is not in God’s plan.

Technology Battle

With technology, evil moves faster and to a wider audience than in Solomon’s time. Connected games are another way that predators are getting to kids. Video games are just contrived play; they are not reality. Their draw is enormous, and they can be innocuous IF used in a very limited fashion (never at the dinner table, etc.). But games, where players interact with other players, are dangerous. Many predators pose as kids and use the games’ “We’re a team” mentality to build trust and gradually draw kids into their evil plans. Do not let your kids play games where they are building virtual friendships. Better use of time is to play real games with real people, read, draw, paint, run around outside, reenact history, create new food, build a treehouse, anything that engages the mind and unleashes creativity.

Protect Innocence

In this paragraph, I am going to discuss protecting our children. We MIUST protect our children. There are shocking statistics that sexual abuse often occurs with someone the child and parents trust – a teacher, coach, family member, or friend. Listen to the Holy Spirit; if someone seems creepy, don’t let your kids hang out with them. And don’t just turn your kids over to someone without supervision. Abuse often occurs with the threat of blackmail or shame. Tell your kids from an early age that if anyone asks them to remove clothing or take an odd photo or touch them to RUN TO YOU and TELL YOU. Sexual abuse continues when kids are ashamed. Tell your kids that if someone approaches them that it is not their fault and that YOU will stop the offender. Remember the old saying, “forewarned is forearmed.”

We have to watch out for the predators on our screens.

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