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These Top TV Moms Make My ‘A’ List

The top TV moms of all time have the same character traits which are worthy to follow. Find out why these family-focused moms make my ‘A’ list.

I remember years ago, Oprah telling her viewers that if moms got paid for child-rearing, we would rake in close to a million dollars a year. WOW! Where’s that application!? 

Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms who work so hard at the mundane, mostly thankless tasks every day. Now is the time to celebrate you! I know most of you don’t get a high five for changing all those poopy diapers or settling disputes between the kids (sometimes every 5 minutes)… But because of you, your children will learn hard work and unconditional love.

In a recent poll I conducted, regarding the top media moms recognized as great role models, the same women were listed as cream of the crop. In no particular order, they were: Claire Huxtable from The Cosby Show, Olivia Walton from Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, Caroline Ingolls from Little House on the Prairie and June Cleaver from Leave it to Beaver.

All of these moms are worth embracing and emulating as heroes. Why? They exemplify several inspiring character traits which is why I give them two thumbs up. With so few positive media choices today, it makes me wish they were back on the air!

top tv moms

These moms make my ‘A’ list because they were all hardworking, truthful and joyful. Family was top priority for them. They eloquently taught life skills to children. They were bold and not afraid to recognize those teaching moments. They resolved conflicts using reasoning instead of emotion. They nurtured relationships built on trust and morality. And they overcame challenges with integrity.

These are the top traits worth following that were modeled in their home.

  • They valued, modeled and expected virtue. Virtue is just making sure your kids know right from wrong and teaching them how to choose right over wrong. Things like: don’t be mean to your brothers, treat people with kindness, own up to your mistakes (ie: Dennis, go tell Mr. Wilson that you’re the one who broke his window), earn your allowance, and respect your elders.
  • They were grace-filled parents. A parent’s primary job is to teach their children how to have a happy, healthy and well functioning life. Don’t be afraid to tell them the truth when they need to hear it. I frequently hear from teens, that they wish their parents would set boundaries and care about where they are and who they are with.
  • They allowed their kids to experience disappointment and defeat. It builds character. Remind your kids that not all of us are good at everything. Help them discover what they are good at and nurture their talents.
  • They focused on love and reason instead of anger and negative emotion – every time.

As actress Barbara Billingsley said during an interview for the Archive of American Television regarding her character June Cleaver, “She was no pushover; she could be quite a disciplinarian. She was a loving, happy stay-at-home mom, which I think is great.”

I am starting to see the impact I can have as a mom while raising 4 little world-changers. I play a major role in what my children believe in and believe they can accomplish, which is a huge task! Yet it’s doable, if we model the character traits from some of the greatest TV moms of all time. Let’s guide our children to live rich, full, emotionally stable lives. Then the seemingly daunting tasks and the investment in their childhood will bloom into the joy of watching them become incredible human beings.

To all of the Moms raising future world-changers…Happy Mother’s Day!

Question: What do you think is the number one character trait of a great mom? Share your answer by clicking here.


  • Analia
    Posted at 00:49h, 11 May Reply

    The ability to admit we’re wrong and apologize when we are.

    • Tina
      Posted at 14:47h, 14 May Reply

      THAT is an awesome trait! It’s not easy telling my 6 year old I’m sorry. Very good point friend!

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