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NFL Football: Positive Entertainment – Aaah Yeah!

With a lack of quality entertainment today, it’s refreshing to know that we can safely watch NFL football EXCEPT for the commercials that is!

Back in high school I wanted to be the quarterback on our football team…forget the cheerleading or color guard girly-girl things. I wanted to be IN on the action.  Ever since I was walking, I’ve been a Green Bay Packer Maniac!  I loved the days of Sharpe, Majkowski, Cecil, Dent, etc.  No matter what their record or how poor of a year they were having, Packers will always be the love of my life as far as football’s concerned.

I am so proud of the Green Bay Packers being in the playoffs even having the most injured players in the NFL and STILL getting this close to the SUPER BOWL!  My heart is beating out of my chest and they don’t take down the Falcons for another 2 hours!

When I give my presentation, I cover a lot of TV shows that hide the damaging affects of violence, sex, drugs you name it, that they promote.  However, NFL football is completely family friendly entertainment! The only major issue I have during the football games are the advertisements.  Many show scantily dressed women dancing with a beer in the hand or an odd, embarrassing underwear commercial.  I say ditch the ads and do your bathroom stop or flip the burgers during the commercial time.

and to all of you NON-Packer fans…

I’ve got one thing to say.


Question:  What other TV shows do you watch that are family friendly entertainment? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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