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Minecraft Has Sex Mods Via YouTube

Minecraft has sex mods in the YouTube videos. Gamers add code and upload these horrific scenes for our kids to stumble upon. Here’s what you can do!

After receiving several emails asking about Minecraft having Sex Mods in their games, I had to do the research and pray this was a huge scam. My boys play Minecraft. It’s one of the few games left on my “squeaky clean” list. This list was getting shorter and shorter by the minute and I would NOT be happy if I had to erase one more beloved family game from the list.

Sure enough, when I googled Minecraft Sex Mod, the image above with pages of other sex mod video options popped right up. Mods are unofficial modified bits of game code created by players themselves.

Luckily I found this comforting news from the website Bec Oakley from Mine Mum states, “They (graphic/sexual mods) must be downloaded by the player and added to their game files manually and on purpose. They are not part of the official game, they don’t come packaged with the game and are not supported by Mojang. They can also be added to the game hosted on the multiplayer servers that your kids might play on.”

However, I found that the YouTube videos definitely contain sex. Kids want to learn how to play the game and how to build more constructive worlds, yet when they go to do an innocent YouTube Minecraft search, they can easily come across countless sex videos (Minecraft related and real pornography).

I recently read about a young girl who was propositioned by a man through a “creative mode” room in Minecraft. So what can we do to keep our kids safe from this smut? Safety apps aren’t 100% effective and we can’t be looking over our kids’ shoulders every minute they are on their devices!

Top five ways to keep your kids safe on electronic media devices.

  • minecraftIf your kids like watching Minecraft videos have them check out the approved child-safe channels that are given here on Common Sense Media.
  • Keep your kids safe on YouTube by downloading the new Kids YouTube app for android or for iPhone. It has great content that is family-friendly, easy to navigate, turn off the search option and even control the volume. You can choose what videos your kids have access to even in the Kid App that match your personal preference.
  • That way if they have an issue or concern, you are easily accessible when something happens and you can keep an eye out for any predators who are searching for a vulnerable kid.
  • As I suggested in my blog regarding video games containing porn, we should play these games to make sure the content is what you are comfortable with your child seeing.
  • Have very strict parental controls set on any media devices your children have access to. That’s what we do. Our Xbox is disconnected from the Internet, the iPad only has games that we have pre-approved and have parental controls set to our liking and all the devices are password protected so we know they are not on them without our approval (passwords changed on regular basis). It’s just too risky! Knowing that THREE images is all it takes to become addicted to pornography, the risk is just too great to not be watchful. I’d rather be safe than sorry!

We must know what our kids are doing while connecting with the online world. So many people who develop this destructive content do not have our child’s best interest in mind. The time and money we invest in protecting our kids is necessary if we want to keep the innocence in our children and raise them to be happy and healthy physically, mentally and spiritually. Keep up the great work parents. You can do it!

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THE CHALLENGE THIS WEEK: Check out all electronic devices that your children use to make sure the settings are correct and only games you’ve approved of are on it.

Question: What other games do you know about that contain harmful content that we should inform other moms about? Share your answer by clicking here.


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