Is the Occult Behind Pokémon? What Parents Should Know!

What kind of worldview does Pokémon promote to it’s cult-like following? Are these “Pocket Monsters” demonic? Here’s what we think.

from contributing writer Kayla Rinker

Pokémon’s popularity

Does the story line and premise of Pokémon (called Pocket Monsters in Japan) run parallel to the activities inside the occult?

And most concerning: Can Satan use Pokémon to get into the heads and hearts of its enormous fanbase?

I’ll be honest, several years ago when my then 8 and 9-year-old boys discovered that cute yellow Pikachu creature, I didn’t pay much attention. I had two other babies to take care of and it all seemed innocent enough to me. They liked to compare card collections with their neighbors (we found plenty of cards at yard sales—seems Pokémon is a phase for a lot of kids), and none of them actually knew how to play the game.

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Cards Against Humanity Game Promotes Sex, Swearing, and Murder

The dangers of minors playing "adult" card games

Board games are a great way to spend time with your family. Cards Against Humanity, however, is full of raunchy sexual phrases, swear words, and more.

from contributing writer Laura Glenn

In the age of technology, parents are practically begging their children to get off the phone, or turn off their gaming system. All they want is for their child/teen to engage in the world around them. One way my parents were always able to get us away from the television was through playing games. At these game nights, we would have all of the teens/young adults bring a snack and a game to share and then we would play games all night long.

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What You Need to Know About Attending a Gaming Convention

Is your video game loving child wanting to attend a gaming convention? Here are the details on how to save money and what to watch out for.

If you are a parent of a child who is in love with playing video games (within reason of course), your child will probably want to attend a gaming convention like E3, Anime Expo, and San Diego Comic Con. However, you might be wondering, is it a safe place for my child? And is it going to cost my family a fortune to attend?

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Why You Should Not Allow Your Kids to Play Games on Steam

Popular online gaming site exposes children to adult content

Do your kids love online gaming? Are they playing games on a site called Steam? If so, you will want to know what your kids are being exposed to when they play the games offered on this site.

When I last wrote about the online gaming site called Steam, the topic was about a video game entitled Peach Beach Splash. This game is loaded with girls wearing string bikinis and the gamer’s objective is to soak them with water guns. Peach Beach Splash is not on market in stores but provided by a website known to many gamers as Steam. Steam is an online gaming and community platform where people can play and trade games with their friends from a library of over a thousand games. The options also include independently made games, where creators can share their creations to gamers, so they can rate them based on their playability and entertainment.

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Violence and Fortnite: It’s There. Should You Care?

Everything you need to know about this new fad sweeping the Nation

The Fortnite fad is sweeping the Nation. Should you allow your kids (and husband) to jump on that Fortnite Battle bus or is it too dangerous? All your questions will finally be answered!

I watched as my son held his opponent inside the crosshairs of his sniper rifle.

Boom. Head shot. 235 Hit Points. Elimination.

“Yes! I already have four kills in this game,” my 13-year-old said, a hint of pride in his voice.

“You mean eliminations,” I said, a hint of horror in mine.

“Yeah…that’s what I meant, Mom.”

My house of boys (including one man—my husband) has been taken over by the worldwide gaming epidemic that is Fortnite.

Fortnite consists of two game modes: the original co-op version called Fortnite: Save the World, where the object is to kill waves of zombie-like creatures, and its massively popular and free-to-play younger brother, Fortnite: Battle Royale. Fortnite is available on Playstation4, Xbox One, Windows, Mac, and its developer, Epic Games, recently launched a new smartphone version.

With more than 40 million Battle Royale players worldwide, unless you’ve been hiding in a bush (Fortnite humor), you’ve probably heard of it.

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