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How to Combat Suicide for You or a Loved One

Every 12 minutes another person commits suicide in the United States. That’s heartbreaking! Find out what you can do to help save a life!

With so many people talking about the recent suicide of Chester Bennington, lead singer of Linkin Park, now is the time to talk about what we can do to solve the problem. The second leading death among young people is suicide. Today’s media, pop culture and news is full of negative messages that not only promote suicide but can cause us to become depressed, anxiety ridden or stressed out. However, I am relieved to announce that there is hope and an answer to this devastating trend.

Ray Comfort, the founder of Living Waters Ministry, guides us through the hard topic of SUICIDE for this week’s episode. The why, how and what we can do to help others or get help for ourselves will be addressed. Our main focus will be on the newly released movie Ray produced called EXIT: The Appeal of Suicide.

Episode 19: How to combat suicide for you or a loved one.

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1:29 Ray Comfort came from New Zealand and has many books available for you to check out.
4:54 Why Ray Comfort produced the movie EXIT: The Appeal of Suicide
7:16 Why Ryy thinks the suicide rate is skyrocketing in America.
9:34 Ray’s thoughts on the new Netflix series “The 13 Reasons Why” which is actually promoting suicide.
13:50 Why Ray believes people commit suicide.
14:53 Ray has felt depressed in the past as well. Every human being goes through this at some point in his life.
17:06 It’s God-given that we don’t want to die. At least we know where we go when we die.
18:35 Ray Comfort’s Living Waters YouTube channel and all of the helpful videos.
20:36 What biblical argument we could use against suicide.
23:14 What we can do to fight this suicide epidemic.
24:27 What Ray would say to someone who’s moments away from trying to commit suicide.
27:13 World Health Organization say over 350 million people get depressed each year.
28:21 Christians do get depressed! Romans 8:28 is key verse. How to get out of depression.
31:34 When Ray became a Christian.
34:35 Ray warns us to steer clear of negative news.
35:22 Ray’s advice on what to say to someone who was minutes from taking their life.
38:29 Where people can get the new movie EXIT: The Appeal of Suicide and other key resources.
42:47 Celebrities struggle with depression daily. Lady Gaga, Amanda Peet and many others (several covered in this movie)
44:38 Hell’s Best Kept Secret audio - FREE to everyone.
46:06 The upcoming projects Ray is working on.
50:10 Ray’s last final thoughts on the show.
50:33 Ray Comfort has a Living Water’s cruise coming up in March 2018.
51:32 Contact Ray directly on his Facebook page.
52:12 Challenge of the week. Share this video and help anyone who you think might be depressed, suicidal, stressed, has anxiety, etc.
52:51 How to get in touch with Counter Culture Mom or view past Hollywood Insider episodes.
53:16 How to sign up for the Pop Culture Alert of the week.

Suicide is a serious issue, especially in America. I strongly believe our negative media, news and entertainment are causing many people to feel depressed and hopeless! Let’s turn off the negative messages and open the Bible to read God’s truth. If you’re wanting information on the top signs that someone could be suicidal, you can read a previous blog I wrote on that subject here.

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EXIT: The Appeal of Suicide
Living Waters Ministry
Living Waters YouTube channel
How to Battle Depression and Suicidal Thoughts
Living Waters Cruise in Spring of 2018
My husband Luke Griffin shares about his suicide attempt

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THIS WEEK’S CHALLENGE: Ask God to bring to mind anyone you know that might be suicidal, stressed, depressed or full of anxiety. Take them to lunch, pray with them and offer them encouragement and support. Give your friend a copy of the Exit movie and if it’s very serious, find a counselor that can help. Sometimes we don’t realize that one simple step, like making a phone call, sending a card or taking a friend to lunch, could literally help save a life.

Question: Who is God bringing to mind that might need to watch this movie and read the book? Share your thoughts by clicking here!

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