Top 5 Signs You or Your Loved One Could Be Suicidal!

What are the top signs that someone could be suicidal? How can you help a loved one or yourself get the help you need NOW? Read this and find out now!


I went through a time in my life around 3 years ago when I was having suicidal thoughts. Yes, me, the motivational speaker. Total attack from the enemy and I’m also never taking Ambien again. Thank the Lord that scary phase of my life only lasted several weeks, but my husband’s story was a completely different ordeal. We also had several friends take their own lives since last November, so this topic is weighing heavy on my heart at the moment.

Luke was a missionary kid who grew up in Africa for half of his childhood. He then came back to the states alone in his early 20s. He became suicidal shortly after returning to the U.S. and gives details of how he tried taking his own life in the video below and what tips to look for in a suicidal person.

Suicide is no laughing matter. What can you look for ahead of time to know if your loved one (child, spouse, friend) or even yourself, is contemplating suicide so that you can get them help ASAP!

Here are the top 5 signs to help you determine if someone is suicidal.

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Britney and Beyonce’ Promote Sex and Cause Cutting In Their Latest Shenanigans

How celebrity influence can greatly effect young girls

Britney and Beyonce’ influence their fans to engage in extra-marital sex and cutting. Two lost women that Satan is using to deceive the masses.

Britney and Beyonce'

Sad to say, this is all I can show of the featured image this week. Nothing left to the imagination anymore.

It’s been a wild week of Hollywood chaos. Britney’s new Slumber Party video promoting girl-on-girl action has over 11 million views in less than 48 hours. That means there’s a good chance someone you know (maybe a child) has been influenced by her motives. There are several messages she gives to young girls that are very damaging. First, a girl watching this would feel less sexy or attractive if her body doesn’t match up to what Britney’s body looks like.

I’ve been on set hundreds of times and I can tell you that many, many hours go into doing someone’s hair, makeup and wardrobe. Seeing Britney in a skimpy, red dress with sexy high heels and dancing like a stripper, would make anyone – including myself – feel less than perfect. However, dressing like this for your husband – not a problem, no consequences. Dressing like this for anyone outside of marriage will cause great strife.

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Crisis Text Line – A Back to School Necessity!

Besides back-to-school supplies & clothing, inform your kids about the Crisis Text Line. If anyone is in the midst of a crisis – text for help @ 741741.

crisis text line

Wow. It hurts to write this. Summer is almost over and the back to school mentality has already kicked in full gear. Even though I homeschool, the school room is being prepared to add another little munchkin to the Griffin Academy. School supply shopping has officially begun, but with having the supplies and clothes purchased in preparation for the first day of school, comes anther major important necessity every person needs to be aware of – the Crisis Text Line.

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Learning From Robin Williams’ Suicide

Know the warning signs of suicide and how to get help.

Robin Williams’ suicide proves that people who look happy on the outside, could be suffering on the inside. Watch for warning signs of a suicidal person.

Robin Williams' suicide

As a kid, Robin Williams was one of my all-time favorite actors. Those of you my age and older can remember some of the hilarious scenes from “Mrs. Doubtfire” and his first major TV show “Mork and Mindy.” Behind the scenes, however, Robin suffered from depression, mental health issues and battled a drug and alcohol addiction throughout his life. When I lived in LA I remember thinking, why are there famous people who are struggling with eating disorders, drugs, alcohol, depression and suicide when they have it all? Money. Fame. Celebrity status.

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