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Top 5 Signs You or Your Loved One Could Be Suicidal!

What are the top signs that someone could be suicidal? How can you help a loved one or yourself get the help you need NOW? Read this and find out now!

I went through a time in my life around 3 years ago when I was having suicidal thoughts. Yes, me, the motivational speaker. Total attack from the enemy and I’m also never taking Ambien again. Thank the Lord that scary phase of my life only lasted several weeks, but my husband’s story was a completely different ordeal. We also had several friends take their own lives since last November, so this topic is weighing heavy on my heart at the moment.

Luke was a missionary kid who grew up in Africa for half of his childhood. He then came back to the states alone in his early 20s. He became suicidal shortly after returning to the U.S. and gives details of how he tried taking his own life in the video below and what tips to look for in a suicidal person.

Suicide is no laughing matter. What can you look for ahead of time to know if your loved one (child, spouse, friend) or even yourself, is contemplating suicide so that you can get them help ASAP!

Here are the top 5 signs to help you determine if someone is suicidal.

  • the person is always talking and thinking about death (take this seriously!)
  • can’t sleep or eat, deep sadness/depression and major anxiety
  • having a “death wish” or being extremely reckless – taking risks like driving fast, etc.
  • having major mood changes like extreme anger or withdrawal
  • reconnecting and visiting family members or calling people to say “goodbye”

suicidalAccording to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, between 20% and 50% of people who commit suicide have had a previous attempt. WebMD’s website also states that many people who commit suicide deal with depression and/or substance abuse and could have a family history of suicide.

To help a person you believe is suicidal, check out this concise page which breaks down what to say and do and how to get them professional help.

Regardless if your friend or family member pleads with you to not tell someone – NEVER keep this a secret! The last thing you want to do is show up at their funeral and have regrets that you could have possibly saved this person’s life.

If you have suspicions of someone being suicidal, do not hesitate to do one of the following ASAP!

Coming from someone who’s tried to take his life in his early 20s, my husband Luke wants to let you know that as hopeless as life may seem at the time, there is ALWAYS an opportunity for restoration no matter what the issue is.

Luke realizes now that he was not alone. God was by his side the entire time and literally spared his life. Luke also stated that even if there is no one who knows what you’re thinking – God does. The enemy will tell you constantly that life is not worth living and that you’ll never amount to anything. God says Satan is a father of lies. The only real truth is God’s word through scripture.

Today, years later, Luke is proof that something beautiful can come from something disastrous. An amazing husband, father and disciple of Christ. God always wins.

Luke’s full story on his attempted suicide and how God spared his life.

[youtube id=”cmHyZyXSHVw”]

THIS WEEK’S CHALLENGE: Look around you and observe your family members, friends and maybe even yourself. Is anyone suicidal? If so, get them help!

Question: Where any lives spared during your observations or did people get the help they needed? Share your answer by clicking here.

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