What I Learned Being Ray Liotta’s Personal Driver on OSCAR Night

Talking about God to Ray Liotta was one of the highlights of my decade long experience in Hollywood. God can use all of us in ways we’ve never imagined.

ray liotta

When you live in LA, there are some off-the-wall jobs people do between their acting gigs to help them pay rent and survive. One such job I agreed to do, was dressing up as a costume character for Hollywood events and kid’s birthday parties. Elmo, Johnny Bravo, Bugs Bunny, Scooby-Doo and yes, Barney were just some of the few ridiculous costumes I threw on – and quickly threw off when done. Luckily, there were some “cooler” jobs I booked, like when my agent called and asked if I’d drive the new Cadillac Escalade all over Hollywood and be a chauffeur for whomever needed a ride – even celebs.

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Jane Fonda Wasn’t That Fond of Me

How to share your pro-life stance in Hollywood

Working on the film “Monster-in-Law” with Jane Fonda, gave me the opportunity to share about my pro-life stance with celebs and crew members.

jane fonda

It started out like any other day. I reviewed the early call time, double-checked my wardrobe requirements and entered the directions to the studio in my GPS. Today I was working on a scene with three A-list celebrities, Jane Fonda, Jennifer Lopez and Michael Vartan, for the movie “Monster in Law.” There was never a dull moment while living in Los Angeles. However, this day became rather interesting the second I stepped foot into the hair and make up trailer.

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Lady Gaga Reveals Pressures of Being Famous

Lady Gaga reveals the pressures of Hollywood at a Yale “Emotion Revolution” summit. How much of her career is controlled by the bigwigs?

Lady Gaga

“Ok. Stefani. Gaga. Hybrid – person. Why are you unhappy? Why is it that you want to quit music?”

These are the deepest insights that Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta AKA Lady Gaga recently shared at Yale’s “Emotion Revolution” Summit. Gaga said she was done spending her time shaking hands, flashing fake smiles and taking selfies. She said, “I have a lot more to offer than my image.”

What did she do about her unhappiness? She started saying the word NO.

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5 Tips to Maintaining Your Integrity as an Actor

Are you wanting to get into show business but not lower your morals in the process? It’s possible to keep your integrity while working as an actor.


“It’s a crime for God’s performers to keep their talent under cover. We are supposed to be illuminating God to all the people who have not met him and we cannot do that under the roof of a church,” exclaimed a woman from the AMTC video below.


Tina on “Rock Star” movie set starring Jennifer Aniston & Mark Wahlberg. Find out the top tips to follow to break into show business.

THIS is why I chose to move to LA at the age of 20 and pursue an acting career. To share Christ with others who don’t know him while doing something I loved. LA was my mission field.

Over the years while speaking, I can’t tell you how many people ran up to me to ask the all familiar question, “How can I get into show business?” There are many ways a person can start working in the entertainment industry and there are no special formulas.  However, I share how I got started in hopes that more people would follow their dreams.

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Makeup Free Celebrities. Feel Good in Your Skin.

Teen girls want to look like an image that doesn't even exist

Get a glimpse of makeup free celebrities. Many teen girls feel pressure to look like something that doesn’t even exist in the first place.

makeup free celebrities

You are watching a romantic movie with your man and you watch a scene where a woman awakens from a long night of restful sleep.  She proceeds to happily jump out of bed and make an enthusiastic stretch to welcome the new day.  Ok…stop right there.  For most of us, that’s already a hoax if you have kids or a crazy work schedule. But let’s take it a step further!  She wakes up with her makeup already beautifully done and every strand of hair perfectly in place.  Now that’s hilarious.

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