Top 5 Grammy Takeaways – Beyonce Channels African Goddess & Adele’s Clean Sweep

Dissecting Hollywood's music industry

Did you see some strange things unfold at the 2017 Grammys? Here’s the lowdown on what took place. Know what songs are safe for your kids!


I had a friend tell me he’s glad I watch these award shows and give the lowdown, so he doesn’t have to. Thank you Kyle. I’ve been addicted to breaking down pop culture for the past 2 decades. Speaking to teens and parents on what gets a green light and what gets a red light is my top priority. Parents don’t have time to research all the entertainment bombarding their kids on a daily basis. That’s where I come in. I’ll do the work for you and point you in the right direction. Counter Culture Mom at your service!

Here are the Grammy nominees and winners from this past Sunday.

Which leads me to the Top 5 Grammy Takeaways in 2017.

#5 Ladies wore low cut dresses and lingerie throughout the show.

Most of the ladies, except Adele, wore dresses that are just not flattering in my opinion. Faith Hill’s hole in the middle of her beautiful red dress was bad enough, but Alicia Key’s boob-showing top, Beyonce’s see-through gold chained bikini and Maren Morris with a slit down to her belly button is just not necessary. Try full dresses ladies. Give the young women something and someone to look up to! By the way, Adele won several Grammys including Album of the Year and she was fully clothed wearing beautiful dresses. More skin does NOT equal more awards. Just sayin’!

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Lady Gaga’s Top 5 Demonic Practices You Need To Be Aware Of!

Don't let her Super Bowl performance fool you!

Many are praising Lady Gaga for a stellar Super Bowl half time show. Don’t be fooled! She’s tormented by demons and partakes in spirit cooking! Steer clear!

lady gaga

After watching Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl half time performance my first thought was, “Awesome, no wardrobe malfunction or body parts hanging out!” But after hearing so many people praising her performance, I knew I needed to share what and who Gaga supports. Gaga stated in Rolling Stone magazine, “I do have morbid dreams. But I put them in the show. A lot of work I do is an exorcism for the fans but also for myself!”

Her motive is to get people to welcome her with open arms, adore her, become a fan and then BOOM! They start to believe and follow what she believes and who she follows. Parents, she participates in some very dangerous activities and is deceiving many of her fans.

Which leads me to Lady Gaga’s top 5 demonic practices you need to be aware of! Warn your kids!

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The Top 5 Celebrities You Want Your Kid To Follow!

Stars with great character and class

Even with a major lack of positive role models for our kids, I still discovered a great list of celebrities worth following who have much character & class!

Just look at today’s media and it’s easy to see that we are bombarded with negativity all around us. Where can a mother turn, to give her children positive role models that frankly, aren’t weird or unknown. Kids want to follow celebrities that all their friends know and follow. Therefore, I have compiled a concise list of the top well-known celebrities that everyone likes AND is worthy of BEING followed.

Here are the top 5 celebrities you WANT your kid to follow! (click on their names to get more detailed information on their biographies and platforms)

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Britney and Beyonce’ Promote Sex and Cause Cutting In Their Latest Shenanigans

How celebrity influence can greatly effect young girls

Britney and Beyonce’ influence their fans to engage in extra-marital sex and cutting. Two lost women that Satan is using to deceive the masses.

Britney and Beyonce'

Sad to say, this is all I can show of the featured image this week. Nothing left to the imagination anymore.

It’s been a wild week of Hollywood chaos. Britney’s new Slumber Party video promoting girl-on-girl action has over 11 million views in less than 48 hours. That means there’s a good chance someone you know (maybe a child) has been influenced by her motives. There are several messages she gives to young girls that are very damaging. First, a girl watching this would feel less sexy or attractive if her body doesn’t match up to what Britney’s body looks like.

I’ve been on set hundreds of times and I can tell you that many, many hours go into doing someone’s hair, makeup and wardrobe. Seeing Britney in a skimpy, red dress with sexy high heels and dancing like a stripper, would make anyone – including myself – feel less than perfect. However, dressing like this for your husband – not a problem, no consequences. Dressing like this for anyone outside of marriage will cause great strife.

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Why We Should All Take an Annual Vacation!

Our recent refreshing trip to Ireland...

Taking an annual vacation provides valuable benefits for our mind, body and spirit. It is critical we take time for ourselves so that we can give to others.

annual vacation

I hardly take a vacation. I got that habit from my dad. He was a dairy farmer from Pulaski, WI. I grew up watching him work the farmland and provide for our family. So much so, that he now tells me he wishes he would have taken more time to hang out with our family.

Since I placed my faith in Christ at the age of 16, I wanted to serve Jesus with all I had and live life to the fullest. However, I sometimes forget to just take time for myself. A pastor once said that we should live by the 7-7-7 rule. Every seven months spouses should take a getaway trip. Every seven weeks do a family trip. Every seven days do a date night. This sounds fantastic.

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