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Britney and Beyonce'

Britney and Beyonce’ Promote Sex and Cause Cutting In Their Latest Shenanigans

Britney and Beyonce’ influence their fans to engage in extra-marital sex and cutting. Two lost women that Satan is using to deceive the masses.

Sad to say, this is all I can show of the featured image this week. Nothing left to the imagination anymore.

It’s been a wild week of Hollywood chaos. Britney’s new Slumber Party video promoting girl-on-girl action has over 11 million views in less than 48 hours. That means there’s a good chance someone you know (maybe a child) has been influenced by her motives. There are several messages she gives to young girls that are very damaging. First, a girl watching this would feel less sexy or attractive if her body doesn’t match up to what Britney’s body looks like.

I’ve been on set hundreds of times and I can tell you that many, many hours go into doing someone’s hair, makeup and wardrobe. Seeing Britney in a skimpy, red dress with sexy high heels and dancing like a stripper, would make anyone – including myself – feel less than perfect. However, dressing like this for your husband – not a problem, no consequences. Dressing like this for anyone outside of marriage will cause great strife.

Britney and Beyonce

(Photo by Kevin Kane/WireImage)

Young girls feel major pressure to measure up to Hollywood’s standards of perfection. Every hair in place, all make up applied perfectly and just the right clothes can make any 10 year old have a low self esteem or slip into depression and even have suicidal thoughts. The photo on the left, shows Britney with a snake wrapped around her body. The first thing that comes to mind is the power Satan has over her and the fans who follow her.

Besides Britney’s look, her glamorous message of being sexually active with a girl looks so enticing, so exciting. The enemy wants to entice us into doing something that’s hip cool, new and widely accepted across the globe. However, he knows that if he can get us entangled in sin, we can’t be used by God to live out the calling He’s placed on our life. That’s why we need to be so careful what we allow into our minds and hearts and be the gatekeeper for our children, as well.


Britney and BeyonceBesides Britney, Beyonce’ was causing some major cutting action to take place among her millions of fans recently. While performing at a concert at the Brooklyn’s Barclay’s Center, her earring was ripped from her ear, causing some major blood to flow on stage. In response to what happened, her fans took to social media, sharing they too were cutting in support of Beyonce’s bleeding. One graphic photo shows how a fan cut off her entire ear. I hope that was a prop, but regardless, I have no words. One of her fan’s exact words were, “If the queen bleeds the hive must unify and leak our blood to restore her spirits. We must cut for Beyonce’.”

In fact, in one of my most shared posts regrading Beyonce’ admitting she’s demon possessed, I explain how the enemy is using today’s singers to spread his deception to the masses. Let’s continue to keep our eyes and ears open to what our kids are being influenced by. The frustrating thing for me is that so many young people today do what these “entertainers” promote and are living with the major life-changing consequences. They deserve so much more. They deserve to know the truth.

[youtube id=”znELTi5gJJE”]

THIS WEEK’S CHALLENGE: Find out what celebrities your kids follow and do some research to see what those people promote through their songs or shows. Check out for song lyrics. If their message does not line up with what you want your kids to learn, find positive replacements today! Ask your kids why they follow those certain celebrities. You’ll be surprised at what the conversation leads to.

Question: What have you learned about your children’s entertainment tastes this week? Share your answer by clicking here.


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