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We’re Ending 2021 With A Bang!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

from the Counter Culture Ministries team.


I hope this Christmas letter finds you living boldly for the Lord as His return draws near. We love you dearly and continue to pray for God’s protection and direction as you continue to share Jesus with the lost.

We hope you enjoy this beautiful box packaged and shipped with care from Israel. The founder, Itai Schimmel was recently on The CounterCulture Mom Show explaining the details of the mission and vision for his company. Artza is a quarterly subscription box where people receive food, ceramics, soaps, bath salts and more from different unique regions in Israel. Our family is hooked on these boxes! Not only can we get a taste of another country in our home, but our children are learning about Israeli history and culture in the process. Enjoy the goodies as you follow the footsteps of Jesus…


2021 RECAP

  • Homeschooling the kids and doing the wife and mom roles have kept me busy, but thankful God has hand-picked the exact people I needed to help me expand Counter Culture Ministries.
  • God is doing a miraculous work in and through our team. NONE OF THIS would be possible without your generosity and prayers! It’s hard to explain, but we just carry out the next thing God tells us to do. It’s wild and scary, but exciting all at the same time.
  • Our team has grown from 2 people to over 2 dozen in 2021
  • Counter Culture Ministries nonprofit created to benefit our donors and how we can directly allocate funds
  • Team of 16 wrote 21 chapters for the Pop Culture Purge book – focusing on the influence of media on youth
  • Turned the book into a tour which just kicked off in Oct.
  • Formed a speakers bureau where we can choose the perfect speakers/topics for event planners
  • The Counter Culture Mom Show is now available on Salem Radio (Sundays on 11am PST)
  • Repurposed radio show as a TV program which is now on approx. 15 platforms – BEK TV, Israel TV, LiftableTV, FreedomProject Media, Taken on Roku, and soon Christian Television Network
  • Jay, a father of 2, is running our Counter Culture Mom app and managing our writing team to keep parents informed on the latest pop culture and media threats
  • Assistant Bethany is now our full-time show producer
  • New hire Michael is doing fantastic editing our shows
  • In 2021 we hired our new social media guru Amy who is building more platforms for this info to spread far and wide
  • Spoke at various homeschooling conferences, music festivals, parent events, and freedom rallies
  • Shot 50th episode with Dr. Duke Pesta on our weekly Reclaiming America update for FreedomProject Media



Please Pray For

  • Pray for health and protection over our family from any sickness or evil attack from the enemy
  • Pray for wisdom on keeping God, husband, kids, ministry in the correct order as we move forward in all of these areas of ministry
  • Pray for the exact sponsors God wants us to partner with as we expand the show on more audio/video channels
  • Pray for God’s guidance on which platforms to contact to pitch the show so we can reach more people
  • Pray for all the details to come together as we line up more parent/teen Pop Culture Purge tour dates in 2022
  • Pray as we contact several large radio networks and pitch our show for potential national coverage
  • Pray we find the right radio agent to work with per advice of a fellow host

Our prayer is to reach many more people with the truth of the cross and what Jesus has done. We are in the end times and are amazed at how He’s using us to wake the blinded and encourage Christians to be bold in the tough battles we are facing… which will only get worse until Christ comes back.

Please pray for God’s direction as we contact more potential platforms to pitch our program. We have a long list of exciting possibilities.

As of mid-December, our team has produced over 100 episodes covering a wide range of topics from America’s Education Crisis, Sex Trafficking and Exploitation, The Great Reset and Intel on the Shot to offering parents Safe Technology Tips and solutions for kids that are being bullied. We produce four episodes each week on topics that parents are requesting. Salem Radio just informed us that out of 200+ programs on their southern CA station, our show is at the top for listenership. We are so excited and so grateful that this information is benefitting families!

If you haven’t seen The Counter Culture Mom Show yet and would like to check it out, go to and click on the various platforms on our main page or download the Counter Culture Mom App and click on our show in the main menu.



Our budget is $20,000/mon which largely comes from donors/sponsors etc. Funding covers costs such as our staff, tech needs, app, airing program on platforms, analytics analysis, etc. As our donor base grows, we will be able to fund more exciting projects!

If you would like to make a year-end donation or become a monthly partner, you can click on the PARTNER TAB on our website or text the word DONATE to the number 55444. You can also email Tina at: We are a nonprofit (501c3) and you will receive a tax receipt in Jan. 2022.

EVERY DOLLAR IS DOUBLED! If you know of another family or business that might want to partner or be a sponsor, please forward this letter to them.

We love you dearly and are extremely grateful for your prayers and partnership. It is so exciting to see God bringing all of us together to fulfill His plans and purposes!


If you haven’t seen The Counter Culture Mom Show yet and would like

to check it out, go to and click on the various

platforms on our main page or download the

Counter Culture Mom App and click on our show in the main menu.

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