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Trashy ABC’s Good Christian Belles to Air March 4

ABC’s Good Christian Belles show is an outrage! If any other religion was portrayed in this manner there would have been a country wide riot. It’s time to stand for truth!

After living in Hollywood for a decade, I’m not too shocked at the offensive new programming coming from this town. However, when a show like Good Christian B_tches now (Good Christian Belles) bashes my personal choice of faith for an hour on prime time weekly, I’m not going to sit on the sidelines. The bottom line, if ANY other religion was bashed on television, there would be a riot throughout the country! Chances are that it wouldn’t have even been allowed to air to begin with. The creators of this show should be ashamed of themselves, along with ABC and all involved in allowing such a program to run. The wrong perceptions are given regarding who a Christ-follower is and the very person who stands for peace and love is being portrayed as the exact opposite.

Scenes from this show involve people making out in a church office as they turn a photo of Jesus face down on a desk. Groping of breasts, cross necklaces being broken, stained glass windows of Jesus being shattered when a woman in an angel costume is thrown into it, are just some of the hideous clips in the upcoming episodes. Why is Hollywood so CONSUMED with making people look like idiots on TV? Some of the smartest countries in the world with the youngest children becoming inventors before the age of 10 – like Japan for example, DO NOT air such idiotic shows. It goes to show, the environment we create for our next generation to absorb, is who they become. It saddens me that our entertainment industry is setting such low standards for our kids. I will be one of those parents creating an environment for my kids to flourish in…which means NO G.C.B. for me!

Question:  What other shows have you seen air that we as parents should protect our kids from so they don’t land up in prison or dead?  You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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