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SEX WEEK Brings More Despair and Disease

by Dr. Joe Malone

All parents need to be aware of Sex Week which happens on many college campuses from coast to coast. The information your kids are getting could create a life-time of regrets.

Have you ever heard of Sex Week? If not, you are probably one of many. Are you the parent of a college student, or will be soon? Did you know that your hard earned tax dollars and/or money for your child’s tuition is also helping to pay for Sex Week? Now you may be wondering what am I helping to pay for and when does it happen?

Sex Week and similarly named events have become a tradition on many college and university campuses across North America with some being scheduled in the fall when students return from summer break and others scheduled around Valentine’s Day. These events can represent extra-credit opportunities for students. What goes on during Sex Week? Generally it is a week of hour long sessions with speakers on a myriad of outlandish sexual topics.

Graphic sexual practices taught during Sex Week

sex weekAt UCLA the “Sex Squad,” a sexual performance group, presented “Foreplay” to teach students new sexual methods. University of North Carolina students take part in a “Slut Walk” through the campus. There have been sessions with titles like “Negotiating Successful Threesomes,” “O-Face Oral,” and “BJs and Beyond” on the University of New Mexico campus. The University of Tennessee Knoxville, had seminars on anal intercourse named “Butt Stuff.” Other titles at UTK for Spring 2019 included: “Working it: The Legality of Sex Work,” “Drag Show,” “Mistress Velvet: Quips n’ Chains,” “Dr. Stubbs: Banging Out the Basics,” and “Reclaiming Our Stories: An Abortion Speak Out.” At Brown University some of the attractions included “Fornication 101,” “Dirty Talk,” “Queering the Toy Box,” and “Orgasm Inc.”

In no Sex Week, that I have yet examined, have I found one thing about traditional courtship, traditional marriage, or traditional families. I find this curious as statistics tell us that historically the college-aged have ended up in traditional marriages at rates of 80-90%.

Ramifications for Students Attending Sex Week

So what effect has Sex Week had on young adults? The hookup culture relationship climate it promotes does not seem to be benefiting young people’s mental health. Rates of depression, anxiety and suicide have increased significantly in youth and young adults.

As far as physical health goes, the CDC has found a sharp increase in STDs in the college-aged population since 2015. The 15-24 age groups made up 53 percent of the gonorrhea cases and 65 percent of the cases of chlamydia. Approximately 50 percent of sexually active young people now contract an STD by the age of 25.

With all of this “good news” you may be asking how widespread this educational phenomenon is? Besides those mentioned already, there have been Sex Weeks at the University of Maryland, Harvard University, Yale, University of Calgary, Lafayette College, Emory University, University of Chicago, Northwestern University, University of Michigan, and The Ohio State University, to name a few others. Who knows, there may be one coming soon to your local college or university! What do we recommend in response? Make a stink about Sex Week!


Dr. Joe Malone, a physiologist, holds a Ph.D. in Health and Human Performance with a minor in neuropsychology and a specialization in sexual health. He has taught for many years at Middle Tennessee State University and has guest lectured at Vanderbilt and Princeton. Dr. Malone served on the CDC Initiative for STD Prevention for the state of Tennessee. He is also the founder of Sex IQ.

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