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How to Succeed in the Entertainment Industry as a Christian

Are you a Christian and wanting to pursue a career in the entertainment industry? Follow these tips from Virgin actor Dakota T. Jones and you will succeed!

HOLLYWOOD INSIDER with Tina Marie. Today’s guest is Dakota T Jones – on camera host for Maria Menounos’s Afterbuzz TV aftershows and CEO and host of Millennial Hollywood. This ministry’s main mission is to equip young people to know how to defend their faith, know why they believe what they believe and why their beliefs matter.

Episode TEN – Find out how to be a successful, bold Christian in the entertainment industry.

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:33 Creators for Afterbuzz TV aftershows and their mission
1:08 Our location for tonight’s show - Hollywood Hills Greek Theater
3:08 Dakota’s backstory and why he moved to LA to pursue acting
3:54 Dakota’s long list of shows he’s been on and celebs he’s worked with
8:00 The importance of picking a good agent that lines up with your morals
10:10 Learn how to stand up for yourself if you’re being asked to do something you don’t agree with
11:26 “Surrender” a Christian movie Dakota had a role in
12:02 The celebs Dakota has had a chance to interview on Afterbuzz TV aftershows
13:35 How Dakota and I share our Christian faith with celebrities on set
20:04 Get a great agent & take only “clean”roles
21:46 Women need to keep their modesty because you will be picked for clean roles in entertainment
23:54 Roles Tina questioned doing after the fact. Learning and growing as you go.
25:05 “It’s just acting.” Can we use that as justification for doing a certain role?
27:03 Celebrities promote behaviors that harm kids. The wrong message is being sent to children.
27:41 Dakota is the host of Millennial Hollywood to help millennials know how to succeed in entertainment.
30:09 We should not support the negative harmful movies so Hollywood can see what’s wanted and needed.
30:35 Importance of chasing after your dreams and networking with as many people as possible.
34:10 What makes Dakota UNIQUE - his VIRGIN STATUS. Why he’s a virgin and the response from others.
39:43 Luke becomes a secondary virgin. The importance of second chances. Dr. Keith Ablow ABC TV show.
41:44 Dakota gets heat from a church that wasn’t supportive of his job as an actor.
44:22 How we can witness to others in “dark” places.
45:01 Goals and dreams Dakota would like to see transpire.
46:18 Advice on what you can do to be prepared for your Christian acting career.
47:52 Dakota’s last words of encouragement if you’re seriously thinking of heading to LA.
48:36 The many ways you can connect with Dakota T. Jones.
49:21 Definitely possible to work as a Christian actor in Hollywood. Share video.
50:57 Challenge of the week - be bold as a Christian in the entertainment industry.
51:58 Conclusion

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CONTACT: If you have any questions for Dakota, email him here and check out his website here. Dakota has an impressing acting resume, you can view here and if you’re heading to Los Angeles or working in the entertainment industry now, Dakota said you can contact him and he can answer any questions.

Dakota is also the host of Millennial Hollywood where he gives tips and tools on how millennials can have a successful career in Hollywood. He shares about his virginity stance on TV here. Share these clips with people who are contemplating working in film and television.

More ways to connect with Dakota T. Jones:
YouTube channel:
Instagram: MrDakotaTJones
Twitter: MrDakotaTJones

THIS WEEK’S CHALLENGE: Ask God to give you clarity if He’s leading you or your kids into working in the entertainment business. If he is, move to a location like Los Angeles that focuses on film and TV production. Shortly after, find a solid church you can attend for support and people who can give you advice on what roles you should and shouldn’t accept. Finally, find an agent who represents your values and morals. Getting a solid Christian base will help you have less situations where you’re asked to compromise your morals.

Question: What is holding you back, if anything, from working in film and TV? Share your thoughts by clicking here! We would love to help you get started in pursuing your dreams.

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