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How to Set a Short Term Goal

Instead of watching TV, take 5 minutes and write down a short term goal you would like to achieve. Follow these steps and you will discover success!

A young friend of mine came over several months ago and told me she watched her favorite film 39 times that month. I thought she was joking, but after repeating multiple lines from the movie, I obviously knew she wasn’t. I recall seeing the movie “Titanic” twice in the theaters (for the visual affects), but other than that, I don’t watch many movies more than once if at all. Why? Because I’ve realized over the years that time is something we can never get back. It is irreplaceable.

That being said, what sounds more exciting? Ending the summer saying we watched 15 different movies or we learned to play an instrument, learned how to surf or lost 20 pounds?

We can either allow life to happen to us or we can create the life we want. Being intentional with your summer will help you develop a pattern of healthy goal setting. Therefore, you should set a summer goal because it will motivate you to live your next few months with purpose.

Here are just some of the benefits of setting a short-term summer goal.

  • sense of accomplishment
  • develop a talent or skill
  • higher self esteem
  • combats summer boredom
  • sparks creativity
  • creates momentum
  • develops leadership skills
  • motivates others

Whether you set a goal of eating less junk food, learning a foreign language or starting a blog, any of these skills will help you become an opportunist. When an employer checks out your resume next week, next month or 5 years from now, chances are you will get the job over your contenders. If the skills listed on your resume are more than just movie lines you have memorized or the levels achieved in “Grand Theft Auto” you are 10 steps ahead of your peers.

My summer goal is losing the last 15 pounds from having my last baby and doing a daily Bible study. Let’s motivate each other by the goals we set and achieve!

short term goal

Question: What is YOUR short term summer goal? You can leave a comment by clicking here.


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