Are Scholastic Books Safe for Your Kids?

Discerning good reading material for your children

No matter the school, chances are high that your kids will come across Scholastic books. But are Scholastic books really safe for kids?

Are Scholastic Books Safe for Your Kids?

from contributing writer Tanya Clifton

The school year is now in full swing all around the country. Whether you homeschool or send your students to public or private facilities, reading is inevitable. Sometimes books are assigned; other times students are required to choose their own free reading. Trying to make sure the content of what their minds are soaking in is not the simplest of tasks for a parent, but it is possible.

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Cards Against Humanity Game Promotes Sex, Swearing, and Murder

The dangers of minors playing "adult" card games

Board games are a great way to spend time with your family. Cards Against Humanity, however, is full of raunchy sexual phrases, swear words, and more.

from contributing writer Laura Glenn

In the age of technology, parents are practically begging their children to get off the phone, or turn off their gaming system. All they want is for their child/teen to engage in the world around them. One way my parents were always able to get us away from the television was through playing games. At these game nights, we would have all of the teens/young adults bring a snack and a game to share and then we would play games all night long.

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How to be a Godly Example in Your Child’s Life

Excellent fathering tips from the Benham Brothers

The Benham Brothers’ new book, Miracle in Shreveport, gives fathers the tools they need to be a Godly example in their home and how to equip their children to pursue their dreams, with Christ as the center.

Have you ever wondered how much you impact others? I often find myself wondering this very thing. If I am living for Christ, does anyone really notice? Will anyone really care if I am not filled with joy today?

Believe it or not, someone is always watching us. There is always someone we can impact. Now whether that impact is positive or negative is totally up to you. If you are blessed with children, they are some of the first people that will pick up on your actions. My mom would always joke around, “Why do you follow my mistakes? Make your own!” While this may seem silly, it could not be more true. Children watch their parents and they emulate what they see.

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This is Absolutely Enraging – My Kids Screamed Ew!

Indecent exposure inserted in many kids’ movies today

Kids movies, like Sherlock Gnomes, should NOT include stripper scenes and naked bodies, but sadly many do. What is this behavior teaching our kids? What consequences will our children face if they start to mimic what they see or if someone asks them to strip?

“Mommy, I saw a preview for a movie today. It was well… gross.” My oldest daughter chose her words carefully that evening. My husband, their father, took her and her sister to see the kids’ movie Ferdinand while I was at work. I stood there listening as I scrubbed the dinner dishes at the kitchen sink wondering what could be so disgusting that she wanted to tell me. Blood? Snot?

“Why was it so gross?” I put a plate in the dishwasher as I glanced at her.

She shrugged. Her face gave away a look of embarrassment.

“Well….” I paused completely from the dishes and turned to looked at her. What kind of movie preview did they show before this kids’ movie I wondered?

“Uh… well…” My seven year old’s nose scrunched up and her lips curled downward. “The guy in the preview lost his pants.”

Oh, seriously? Are you kidding me? Another movie! Why does this keep happening!

An overwhelming tightness grabbed my chest. Anger, rage, and fury consumed me as I thought about producers, directors and illustrators who had once again stuck this sick act in a children’s movie.

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How to Talk to Your Kids About the Movies They Watch

Ted Baehr's new book Reel-to-Real is an excellent resource for families

Your kids pop on a movie and you finally have two hours of peace and quiet. However, don’t miss out on these meaningful character-building conversations you could have with your children by doing a quick, easy follow-up movies devotion from Ted Baehr’s new book Reel to Real.

This generation doesn’t read; they watch movies. Does that scare you? It shouldn’t. Yes, there are some pretty horrific films out there that hit the box office that should never been seen by a child (or adult for that matter). But luckily, there are still quite a few good flicks to see with your kids.

Ted Baehr grew up in the entertainment industry as a “broadway brat.” He now runs and is the author of the newly released book Reel to Real: 45 Movie Devotions for Families. When he started his organization, only 1% of movies had positive Christian content. Now up to 62% of movies have a Christian component, and of the top ten movies last year, 80% of them contained positive Christian attributes. That’s great news!

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