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American Idol Season 10 is Here – and It’s HOT!

Chris Medina sang his heart out on American Idol season 10 just after his fiance’ almost died in a horrific car accident. Courage and faith will heal you!

As American Idol kicks off once again, I’m so happy to see Steven make his home in Simon’s old seat. He’s so raw and real and actually has a heart. I’m already bawling my eyes out and the journey has just begun.

Yesterday, Chris Medina blew everyone away with his God-given talent AND by his amazing life story.  His fiance’ Juliana Ramos was in a horrific car accident that left her with major brain damage 2 months before their wedding day.

american idolChris told the judges that there was NO WAY he’d leave her now when she needed him the most. “What kind of a man would I be,” he exclaimed. It’s so refreshing to have positive entertainment on TV for our teens to watch.  Maybe they would even have courage to try things they are passionate about and run with it!

There is such a lack of positive role models in the media today but shows like American Idol instill hope in our teens to do something with their life and dream big – something they desperately need.  I’m excited to see where this season will take us.  American Idol is one of the shows I cover in the seminar Hollywood Exposed which I share at schools and churches around the country.

Watch Chris’ audition below on American Idol season 10.  His heart wrenching story is covered in detail and yet he still presses on.

Question:  What is a talent you have that you would like to use to create joy and happiness in our world?  You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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