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Yubo App – “Tinder for Teens” Puts Kids at Risk

One of the hottest apps of the year, Yubo, markets itself as a free livestream chat app that matches users with strangers. However, our friends at SmartSocial reveal the hidden dangers.

Remember “stranger danger”? Well, Yubo’s purpose is to get your teens to share personal information with people they don’t know and there are already news stories about teens meeting people and being hurt or victimized by sexual predators.

SmartSocial wants parents to know:

  • The Yubo app integrates with Instagram and Snapchat, encouraging other users to connect with your student on those platforms
  • Predators can easily pose as tweens or teens on Yubo
  • Users report that livestreams can involve foul language, racial slurs, mature talk and gestures, nudity, and drug use
  • Anonymous viewers can comment on and record livestreams
  • Yubo markets itself as a way to make friends, but it’s often used as a dating app

For more information about Yubo and its dangers, go to SmartSocial and watch the review by Josh Ochs below:


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