The Top 5 Smartphone Safety Apps for Families

Many kids now have smartphones. How do we keep them safe while using these devices? Here are the top 5 smartphone safety apps to download now.

smartphone safety apps

So a tween was over last week and casually mentioned she knew a Kindergartener who brought his iPhone 6 to school. Whaaaaat? I don’t have an iPhone 6 and there’s a kid (who still has his baby teeth) who’s got an iPhone 6?

The questions that immediately popped into my head were:

  • Who did this kid steal it from?
  • What the heck were his parents thinking?
  • If he did legally receive an iPhone from someone does he know how to stay safe on it?

For those parents who believe their child is responsible enough to have a smartphone, you can protect them from the bad guys and set boundaries by adding these 5 phenomenal apps to both of your phones.

  1. smartphone safety appsK9 Web Protection Browser – This is the #1 free parental control and internet filter. It replaces all other search engines and keeps your kids safe while browsing the net. Another huge + is that it prevents anyone from uninstalling the app (iOS or Android)
  2. Ignore No Moresmartphone safety apps (INM) – This app allows the parent to remotely lock their child’s phone if they are ignoring your calls and/or texts. The only other number they can call is 911 or other emergency contacts you listed in the INM settings. This app was created by a mom who’s son repeatedly ignored her calls. Not anymore!
  3. Smart Limitsdownload – Through this app, you can limit the phone’s use during certain hours and/or have only your number accessible (ie: when child is in school). In addition, every month you get a list of all calls made from the phone and you are given updates on new numbers called. Daily phone activity is accessible along with blocking numbers and checking data use. It also gives you the capability to set text and purchase limits. This is offered through AT&T, but other providers should have something similar.
  4. MamaBearsmartphone safety apps – This app fits it’s name. It tells you where your child is, who they are with and what they are saying on social media networks. In addition, if bullying or foul language occurs you will be notified along with if they are speeding (either at the wheel or as a passenger).
  5. uKnowKidssmartphone safety apps – This amazing technology allows a parent to track their child’s social networking activity in one web portal location. It tracks emails, texts, calls and if any risky behavior pops up, you will be notified. It’s one of the few apps that covers a majority of social networking sites like FaceBook, Twitter and Instagram.

All of these apps provide a level of accountability as well as protection from bullying and predators around us. A win-win for everyone.

Oh yea, there’s one last option. I guess you could always skip the smartphone and get the fully functional flip phone. If your teen throws a fit, just tell them about the old landline version with the 8 foot cord you got when you turned 16.

Question: What other smartphone apps do you love using that protects your family? You can leave a comment by clicking here.



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4 thoughts on “The Top 5 Smartphone Safety Apps for Families

  1. Hi Tina,

    Just read your nice email on phone apps for families. Good stuff but you might want to know that cell phones are especially dangerous for children–they can cause brain cancer. They can cause it in adults, too, but children are a lot more susceptible. You may want to research this. I try to use my cell phone as little as possible for calls, unless I’m in the car on the blue tooth. Also, cordless home phones have a similar effect but not as much. Wireless electromagnetic radiation is not a good thing for organic beings in general, at any frequency.

    • Kris! When I lived in LA I actually came across some other people and several articles that confirmed what you stated above. Scary business. In the upcoming years we will see more and more studies and victims because of the damage cell phones have caused our brains. I saw a TV show years ago with people that had brain cancer exactly where they would hold their cell phones to their head. It wouldn’t surprise me a bit if with the better cooler technology came more cases of radiation.

      My old Razor phone actually caused the side of my face/head to feel numb and heat up after using it! Wild! I use a blue tooth all the time as well. Safer for many reasons. Thank you for your information! I’m hoping more people will check this information out as well!

  2. Appreciate the post. The last suggestion to downgrade the phone is right on. Communication is fine. Portable video game and window to the world of sin and degradation is another story. I would go a step further and say the child has no intrinsic right to a phone in the first place, at least not one that the parent foots the whole bill for. If the kid is old enough to have their own phone, she is old enough to earn some money to pay for it.

    • Kirk,

      Thank you for your thoughts on this! Seeing you raised 4 bright, respectful world-changers, I know that your advice is worth listening to. The flip phone for emergency calls or to keep parents updated for safety reasons is one of the best choices. The issues I have is that if teens aren’t even trying to find bad images, they automatically pop up on the smartphones and once you see an image that inappropriate, it’s in your mind for life. Thanks Kirk!

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