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The Social Media Exodus: Why To Ditch It

by Suzanne Badger

The Social Media Exodus

(Part One Of Three)

In the last several months, one thing has been on the forefront of people’s minds: How can we truly have free speech on social media?  Is there a site I can utilize and express my opinion and exercise my free speech? Where can I go where my values aren’t banned, demonetized, or considered hate speech? 

We are banned because of tech companies like Facebook and Twitter who suppress people’s opinions (mostly conservatives) as “false or hate speech.”  Twitter would not allow the New York Times to post about their story on Hunter Biden, and over on Facebook, there are people like our Founder, Tina Griffin, who have been placed in Facebook jail for days and weeks for viewpoints. As Senator Cruz said to CEO Jack Dorsey in a meeting to discuss the revamping of FCC Regulation 230: “Who…elected you?”

It has happened over time…

Before 2006 many of us were using Classmates and My Space.  As Facebook became more popular there was a large culture swing and people moved to Facebook and Twitter. Now, there is another movement to leave these social media platforms.

It would be great to unplug in protest and I must confess that I have an account but out of protest I am not using it much. You want a platform that is not using harmful algorithms, and you might look at whether it is decentralized, meaning the company doesn’t have everyone’s account information on their servers. This means that you can be certain that your private data remains private and in your own hands.  Here are some alternatives to Facebook/Twitter, etc. but what are the pros and cons to each of them?

What are my social media options?

Parler: A rapidly growing platform among conservatives, it is named after the old-fashioned room you would receive guests in; parlor. Since May Parler has become extremely popular because of non-biased algorithms. The creator has received praise from many well-known conservatives, including Dan Bongino who bought a stake in the company. It’s unregulated, so you can express your opinion and not be suppressed. The downside is the platform is not as user friendly. I found it hard to figure out who I knew on there to follow them. It may get more popular, so I do have an account; if you want to follow me: @Badgeranne

Gab: My research tells me that Gab is banned from both Android and Apple stores, so if you want the app you will need to go to the website itself. You can mute and block people you don’t want to see. They do not allow illegal activities like pornography or violence. You can create your own content in several different ways.  It is fully funded by the community by use of GabPro, an upgraded version to unlock extra content. 

ChatDit: This is gaining popularity because of Diamond and Silk. ChatDitNews is the news page and the accounts allow you to make comments. 

Faithdom: My husband was invited to join this Christian answer to social media… Faithdom touts itself as a “faith-based media network for Christians to interact, connect, organize, and be inspired with other like-minded Americans.”  They are striving for unity “All Christians Together in Our Nation.” Faithdom is operated by Blessings Through Action INC, the United States faith-based 501 (C) 3 Nonprofit organization. Disadvantage: My husband found there is a lot of heresy on there; so be careful. Available for iPhone and Android

Just a couple more social media options,

MeWe: A little bit like Facebook and Instagram. Some say it might not be as inviting, yet. They are banking on you wanting privacy but is that enough if not all your friends are there? You can sync your address book to invite people though. They have more than 8 million users; no ads. MeWe’s CEO Mark believes the network will hit 40 million by year’s end. It is available on Android, iOS, Web, Windows, Mac. It is free for 30 days and then $4.99 a month. 

Diaspora: Instead of everyone’s data in the company’s servers, you can do a pod and choose where to the social world online that puts your data back in your own hands, according to its own slogan It functions similar to Facebook where you can publish status updates, share posts and images, and comment on other people’s posts. And just like on Facebook, you can control who gets to see your own posts as well. In addition, they use hashtags on posts, which allows you to find like-minded people who share your interests.

Diaspora consists of many different networks; known as pods. User data isn’t collected and stored centrally by the provider, instead, users distribute the infrastructure themselves, with data carried by these so-called pods. If you have the good technical know-how, you can operate your own pod, which essentially functions as a server. Less technically gifted users can use ‘open pods’ in the network instead. The downside is you need to understand computer programming to use it to manage your pod.

In part 2 we will give you more options including Vero, EyeEm, and Ello…so keep an eye out here!

Suzanne Badger is a native Texan and has worked in radio, television, and the music business.

She is a Christ-follower, autism advocate, songwriter, skincare consultant, and a classic radio enthusiast. Suzanne is happily married (for 27 years) with two children and two dogs (Brittanys).

If you haven’t already read our previous blog on the Netflix documentary, The Social Dilemma, we suggest you take a look at it and then view the documentary. All of this goes hand in hand!

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  • Duane Smith
    Posted at 15:56h, 20 November Reply

    I created an account on Parler because I wanted a platform to speak my mind. Over the last month I’ve seen them censor some of my comments. I’ve not noticed my posts being censored yet, but it may just be a matter of time. I highly recommend Mike Adams new platform he created for this very reason.

    Being able to contact others using email can be a great way to keep in contact when social media fails. As much as I like Mike Adams’ new platforms, they are not immune to cyber-attacks. I doubt there is a platform that is. I don’t know, however, what is the best email service to go with.

    YouTube has been just as guilty of censorship if not more so than Facebook and Twitter. Many are leaving YouTube because of their videos have been deleted. Here are good alternatives to post videos:

    James Corbett gave great counsel to back up what we want to keep and post to different platforms in case one gets shutdown. Nazi Germany did book burning and now we have companies that do bit burning. I like having hard copies of information so it can be better protected.

    The best recommendation is to have a good relationship with your neighbors. When things get really bad, we will need community support.

    • CCM Team
      Posted at 03:46h, 22 November Reply

      Duane, this is so helpful!

      And yes, having good relationships with your neighbors is always so important. Politically speaking, paying close attention to the Sheriff who is on your local ballot is becoming increasingly important as well.

  • Lucretia Bock
    Posted at 09:54h, 21 November Reply

    Great information! Thank you!!

    • CCM Team
      Posted at 03:47h, 22 November Reply

      Thank YOU! We have some alerts revolving around this topic on the Counter Culture Mom app! We highly suggest you download!

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