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The New Muppets TV Show Filled With Drugs, Alcohol

Kermit the frog and Miss Piggy are up to major shenanigans! Drugs, alcohol and sexual innuendoes fill ABC’s new adaptation of “The Muppets.” PARENTS BEWARE!

Think you’re safe popping on an episode of “The Muppets” for your kids while you throw in a quick load of laundry? If it’s ABC’s new adaptation of “The Muppets” – think again!

Who doesn’t love Kermit the frog and Miss Piggy? We all grew up trying to mimic lines and we all had our favorite character we could relate to! Every episode was always a gut-busting experience, especially the clips with the Swedish Chef, Beaker or the old dudes Statler and Waldorf! Now, when the world needs the Muppets the most, they let their celebrity status replace their common sense and have sadly entered the party scene. At this rate Kermit will be joining the other celebs in rehab.

This new series airs on Tuesday nights during prime time and is sadly nothing we should allow to infiltrate our children’s minds.

Can Hollywood start to pump out some fun clean entertainment we had as kids?

muppetsHere’s just how bad it is. “One scene included the characters getting intoxicated at a bar, Miss Piggy talking about getting breast augmentations and butt lifts, and Animal implying that he’s been with ‘too many women’ in ‘too many towns,'” confirmed PTC president Tim Winter. Even ads for the show were proudly exclaiming, “Finally, a network TV show with full frontal nudity.” Serious? Like there’s not enough of that junk out there already.

ABC is owned by Disney, which makes this ordeal even more alarming. When I was a kid, Disney was fun, entertaining, innocent – now we have to have eyes on the back of our heads to keep up with what a once family-oriented company is now trying to do to influence our kids. This is the opposite message from what creator Jim Henson originally had in mind for these adorable fun-loving characters back in the 70’s.

muppetsIf you’re like me, you’re probably wondering what the heck exists on Television that offers clean entertainment for you and your family. Well, I would like to let you know that at our house, we watch clean movies on DVD (luckily I have the whole Old Muppets series on DVD from two decades ago – you can get yours here), schooling programs through Netflix and became a new user and affiliate with Jelly Telly. Jelly Telly offers countless shows, movies and games for people of all ages that are both educational and entertaining.

When people mess with my Muppets, however, something needs to be done.

After further research, I’m happy to say that something IS being done! Due to the parents who have heard what The Muppets were up to and took action and because of the extremely low ratings for the first couple of episodes, ABC is making major changes. They claim they are gearing the show to be more family-friendly. ABC also recently replaced executive producer Bob Kushell who added the inappropriate content to this show originally. Time will tell if this crew will gain our trust again.

Regardless, let’s make sure they’ve heard us! Contact ABC here to call or email them your concerns. The more of us who take action, the better chance our kids have to watching the same awesome Muppets we got to enjoy growing up!

Please forward this alert to everyone you know. Let’s keep our munchkins away from the Muppets for now and let ABC know that we want the Muppet gang to enter rehab and get the help they need so they can get back on track! FAST!

Question: What other shows did you watch as a kid that would be worth re-watching now?? Share your answer by clicking here!

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  • Luke
    Posted at 09:19h, 17 November Reply

    Great blog post!

    • Tina
      Posted at 21:17h, 18 November Reply

      Thanks Luke! What other shows did you watch as a kid that our readers can check out for old times sake and not be shocked with the content involved?

  • Kirk
    Posted at 21:18h, 18 November Reply

    Thanks for that, Tina. Little House is worth rewatching, at least most of the earlier episodes (some of the later ones were real losers). I recall being amazed while watching one episode to hear the girls say several times, “Pa says…”, quoting quite approvingly some wisdom or other from dad! Can you imagine that from any modern TV show or movie?


    • Tina
      Posted at 21:20h, 18 November Reply


      I remember watching Little House on the Prairie. I don’t have many DVD series, but I do have that one as well. Definitely something worth watching and I wish it was still on TV today for my kids! Great suggestion!

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