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Teen Endorsed Summer Activities for Kids

by Reagan

Bring on the summer activities! Tired of watching your kids sitting on the couch spending all of their free time playing video games, being on their phone, or watching something on the iPad? This list of summer activities for kids can interest them enough to get outside and maybe even try something new!

Summer Activities for Ages 3-5

  • Let them help you around the house!-Kids, especially younger ones, love helping out around the house! Whether it’s vacuuming with a play vacuum, or putting the dishes in the dishwasher, and maybe even helping you make dinner, they stay entertained and you get some help around the house!
  • Coloring, reading, or making a craft!-Let them release their inner crafty self! They can make bubbles, color with markers, and they can even go outside and paint with water! 🙂 If you have a puzzle, you could put that together!
  • Do a scavenger hunt!-You can make your own list of things to find, or find one online, and get looking! This is a great way to get them active and looking.
  • Get active!-There are so many different ways to get active! Going on a bike ride, taking a walk, or doing an obstacle course are just some of many great ways to stay moving!


Summer Activities for Ages 6-9

  • Get crafty!-Now that they are getting a little bit older they could maybe build something, or try to make some home-made play-doh, or even decorating cookies!
  • Learn something new!-It is so much fun to try something new such as, trying yoga, learning a new dance, trying origami, learning how to knit or crochet, or trying a new board game! Get creative! Maybe you can make your own game!
  • Do an experiment!-Get your hands dirty-something kids LOVE! Whether it is building a volcano, or growing a plant, let them try it out and maybe they will learn something new about that topic!
  • Stay in and get cozy!-You can make a blanket fort or have an indoor picnic! Both are creative ways to stay home and have fun, but not doing as much planning.


Summer Activities for Ages 10-12

  • Cook/bake!-You can make it an awesome time, whether that means decorating cookies or trying to make something without a recipe! This can be so much fun, and also tasty, too!
  • Get crafty!-Painting, coloring or drawing, trying to write a book, or doing “adult” color by number books are just a few ideas. You could also tie-dye shirts! However you do your craftiness, make sure you are having fun!
  • Sock wrestling!-Yes, this sounds different, but it is very simple and funny! All you have to do is you and an opponent have to get a pair of socks on and you try to get the other person’s socks off first. Very silly way to stay entertained!
  • Practice up!-Even if you don’t play a sport, you can try a workout, but for those of you who do play sports, you can try to get better at whatever you play! This is also another way to stay active!


Summer Activities for Ages 13 and up

  • Learn a new language!-There are so many apps you can get to help you, and even though you would be on a screen, it is teaching you something that can help your brain learn!
  • Workout!-This can go for all age groups, but at this age, you really start learning how exercise helps your body and why you should do it often. You can find workouts online or make your own, but you can also do yoga, or practice a sport, or just simply running!
  • Do a photoshoot!-Get your friends, family, or pet and have a photoshoot! Get creative, make your own props, or dress up fancy! Make it a great time!
  • Clean out your closet or room!-Even though this is not always a favorite of kids, it actually gives you energy and you feel productive afterward!


Reagan is 13-years-old and loves being with her family and friends, playing sports, and reading her Bible. She is very artistic and hopes to be a photographer someday!


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