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Pop Culture Alerts Week in Review

As CCM transitions to the new app, here’s a recap of this week’s pop culture alerts including a warning about TikTok, Monday’s Moview Review of “Greyhound,” and a prayer request for JustSam.

Get Your Family off TikTok

CCM has published warnings and alerts about TikTok’s privacy issues, the concerns over sexual predators grooming kids, and the dangerous challenges and ugly content swirling in the TikTok muck.

It’s time to reiterate these warnings.

On the July 6, 2020, Ingraham Angle, Laura Ingraham asked Secretary of State Mike Pompeo if families should use TikTok. His response was clear and concise:

“Only if you want your personal information in the hands of the Chinese Communist Party.”

You can watch the full segment in this VIDEO where they begin talking about TikTok at 8:22.

In case you missed other news about privacy concerns regarding TikTok, check out the devious ways the Chinese get your personal information from your iPhone.  You don’t even have to give permission.

Another recent article not only names TikTok for stealing private information from your phone but other iPhone apps as well.

Furthermore, kids and teens are using TikTok “secret codes” to alert each other that they are feeling “depressed, anxious, or suicidal.”

Our friends at describe another danger to the character and integrity of young people:

“…users are going to great lengths to gain views, likes, and followers, often putting themselves and others in harm’s way. Whether you’re in North America (where still reigns) or elsewhere (where Tik Tok is king), both apps present opportunities to talk with our kids about internet safety, yes, but more importantly about why tying our value to our “likes” is so easy and tempting and yet so damaging because it’s absolutely not true.”


  • Get TikTok off your phone and the phones of your kids.
  • Check out the security settings on your phone and evaluate the apps your family uses.
  • Encourage your kids to engage in real-life relationships, activities, and opportunities instead of tech-based activities.
  • For more information about how TikTok works check out this article.
  • Educate yourself and your family about the psychological effects of social media with the video below.

Monday Movie Review: Greyhound

Reviewed by Trudi Griffin, CCM Content Editor

This weekend Apple+ released “Greyhound,” the story of the Battle of the Atlantic in World War II led by Navy Captain Ernest Krause.

A compelling, suspenseful, and riveting story about leadership and perseverance, this movie exemplifies an era long past, yet long admired. For a war movie, it’s relatively clean with little blood and gore, mostly boat violence, a little swearing, and no sexuality. The full review on PluggedIn describes the content in more detail.

A couple of observations from this viewer:

  • The captain is a praying man. The movie starts and ends with a prayer, as well as prominent displays of seeking God’s guidance throughout. However critical some may be of the accuracy and appropriateness of its usage, it’s nice to see prayer in a mainstream movie.
  • While the movie’s plot centers around the naval battle against German U-boats, it also features steadfast leadership. Captain Krause treated everyone with dignity and respect, put the needs of others before himself, persevered in harsh conditions, and led his men by example. Throughout the movie, the young men on the Greyhound are obviously terrified, but they all look to the Captain for guidance, and his stoicism and focus keep them moving in the right direction.
  • Imagine being on a boat, with too many people crammed into it, on a cold, open ocean with little communication and without the advanced naval technology our sailors use today.
  • We are blessed because we live close to the U.S.S. Cobia at the Maritime Museum in Manitowoc, WI, and can tour a WWII submarine. If you have a chance to take your kids on a tour of a WWII naval ship, do it and have them imagine what it was like to live months at a time in close quarters. Then, imagine living that way while being hunted by German U-boats. It’s a surreal experience to imagine.
  • For homeschooling families and for everyone who likes to nerd out on history, the movie is based on the novel, “The Good Shepherd” by C. S. Forester. It’s always a fun exercise to read the full story by the novelist after seeing the movie since there is always good stuff left out. Plus, the crossing exemplified in the movie was not the only one. Further study into the early years of WWII and how the U.S. participated can be a great history lesson.

As a fan of war movies, wife of a veteran, and granddaughter to a World War II POW, this movie was very well done.

While the content may be too intense for young kids, and thus earning its PG-13 rating, teenagers would gain a good perspective from watching it. Not only will they get a glimpse into history, but they would see the character that exemplifies a strong leader. The movie raises a lot of questions about warfare, the World War II era, and leadership that can serve as a good family movie night discussion and launchpad for further study.

Check out the TRAILER.

Pray for JustSam

JustSam came to our attention amidst this year’s American Idol season when she prayed with the judges and made headlines. We cheered her on because a young woman actively sharing her faith on live television is a rarity. We celebrated with her when she won the title and thanked the Lord for her success. And we continue to pray that she uses her gifts and talents to glorify Him.

But people are fallible and multidimensional and JustSam is no different. It’s come to our attention recently that JustSam needs our prayers for something we were hoping we wouldn’t have to address. She’s posted nudity on her Instagram and homosexuality as well as made statements about being a lesbian. Members of the CCM community have expressed concern over her and wanted other parents to know that this hopeful role model isn’t a good option for teens. Parents, we need to talk to our kids about JustSam’s actions and pray for her. The enemy wreaks havoc on our lives where we are the weakest. God can use her mightily for His purposes if she follows His lead, not the world’s.

The Bible says homosexuality is a sin. However, the younger Christian generations do not seem to be turning to the Bible for guidance. A 2015 poll showed that Millennials and Gen Z are more accepting of homosexuality and believe it should be accepted. A more recent poll of 13-17-year-olds indicated that racism and discrimination are the biggest problems facing their generation, from which one can make inferences about homosexuality.

Also, many Bibles and Bible apps have removed verses talking about homosexuality, which God also warns us to never do. So teens turning to scripture today are not able to find God’s truth on this subject if the verses have been removed. Tina experienced this first hand when speaking at some events in Michigan and teens were asking her to help them find verses in scripture on this topic from their Bible app!

None of us are perfect Christians and it is not our place to judge. However, we are also encouraged to help warn others about harmful behaviors and keep each other safe from harm. We must work together as followers of Christ to point us back to the Truth and speak up about things that fall outside of God’s will and design for our lives.

We also need to pray JustSam and others like her would grow in their relationship with God and live a righteous path. She has a large following and many young kids look up to her and form their world-view and beliefs according to what their role models believe. We need to make sure our kids have Jesus as their #1 role model!

As Paul said in 2 Corinthians 6:11 (NLT) “Some of you were once like that. But you were cleansed; you were made holy; you were made right with God by calling on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God.”  Paul is talking about all of us being in bondage to sin, and while it may not be related to sexual sin, we must live as examples and pray for those who need freedom in Christ.

While we do our best to research our recommendations, we do not have access to the hearts and personal lives of those we recommend. Therefore, we count on you to help us out when something questionable arises in the world of pop culture. We appreciate comments and suggestions you send us so we can make updates on our end to alert parents what to watch out for. This world is constantly changing and we are appreciative of your help as we work together to protect our children.


  • Pray for JustSam and those who struggle with sexual sin.
  • Discuss with your kids that celebrities and those with exceptional talent struggle with the same sinful temptations as everyone else.
  • Instill Biblical principles in your children and teach them to turn to the Bible for wisdom.
  • We recommend that all Christians be like Bereans and compare what you watch, read, endorse, and support with what the Bible says is ok according to Philippians 4:8.
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  • David Reed
    Posted at 09:13h, 19 July Reply

    Great articles as usual. I thank God for your ministry. My only discussion would be the author’s statement that as Christians we are not to judge. I disagree with this. We are to judge but only to do so non-hypocritally. Take the log from our own eye before removing speck from another’s. Love you, keep up the Lord’s work!
    In Christ,

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