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Matthew Perry Turns His Mansion Into a Rehab!

Matthew Perry shows what love is all about. He makes his mansion a rehab and helps others with the same addictions he struggled with.

You might remember him as Chandler from the hit sitcom “Friends!” I read a sweet article on Matthew Perry several weeks ago in the People magazine about how he recently turned his beautiful Malibu home INTO a rehabilitation center. He knows firsthand what it’s like to be addicted to drugs and prescription painkillers and wanted to help others who were struggling with the same problem.

During the highlight of his career, playing Chandler on “Friends” while booking several hit movie roles, Perry was in the lowest point of his own personal life abusing the bottle. In 1997, he checked himself into a rehab for a 28-day program to kick the highly addictive drug Vicodin. Once he left, his problems just escalated with big time use of methadone, amphetamines and alcohol to add to the previous Vicodin dependency. Four years later while on set shooting a movie, he had major stomach pains and realized he needed to get help fast or his life was over. Since leaving the Daniel Freeman Hospital in Marina del Rey, CA. in 2002, he has never fallen off the track again.

Now most of the time the celebs who glamorize drinking and drugs usually end up in rehabs every other month. However, to hear of a story where a Hollywood Star literally has been drug-free for over a decade is worth celebrating and being featured in the major headlines. Yet, Perry goes one step further! He literally moved out of his Malibu mansion and turned it into a sober living facility! Perry states that this safe, secure environment is one place where former addicts will find “true happiness.” Matthew Perry is giving much more than just merely writing a check to help someone in need…he is putting his blood, sweat and tears into helping others on a daily basis in a very personal way.

Matthew Perry – I believe you are one of the top celebrities worth having as a role model – and for that…I thank you!

Question:  What are some other ways celebrities can have a positive impact on our culture?  You can leave a comment by clicking here.


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