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Makeup Free Celebrities. Feel Good in Your Skin.

Get a glimpse of makeup free celebrities. Many teen girls feel pressure to look like something that doesn’t even exist in the first place.

You are watching a romantic movie with your man and you watch a scene where a woman awakens from a long night of restful sleep.  She proceeds to happily jump out of bed and make an enthusiastic stretch to welcome the new day.  Ok…stop right there.  For most of us, that’s already a hoax if you have kids or a crazy work schedule. But let’s take it a step further!  She wakes up with her makeup already beautifully done and every strand of hair perfectly in place.  Now that’s hilarious.

makeup free celebritiesOnly until I worked on movie sets in LA did I realize that more hours are spent in prepping an actor for a scene than actually delivering the lines.  Many of us compare our hips, faces and other body parts to Hollywood stars without thinking twice.  These stars’ images have been majorly modified before they even appear on screen or in a magazine.

makeup free celebritiesOne of the biggest topics I cover in the Hollywood Exposed show that many young people ask me about afterwards, is that they never realized how much a person’s appearance is altered in the media.  Many people are comparing themselves to an image that doesn’t exist in the first place. Through discovering these actors’ modifications, we will have a better appreciation for who we are as individuals and that our uniqueness should be cherished not despised.

makeup free celebritiesWithout thinking, we compare ourselves to others who have had HOURS of pampering done by several professional makeup artists daily.  In fact, hourly these celebs have people do “touch ups” between acting scenes. When I saw this first-hand, I knew I needed to share these beauty secrets with others.  In fact, I talked with high end runway models who were depressed back stage because they didn’t look like themselves on a billboard!

makeup free celebritiesIt really made me realize that these photos of makeup free celebrities need to be shared with as many people as possible.  Many of us don’t feel like we measure up to others and we spend more time and money focusing on what’s “wrong” with us instead of embracing exactly who we were created to be.


I’ve shared this Dove “Evolution” video for the past decade to educate others on just how many changes take place behind the scenes in Hollywood.

[youtube id=”iYhCn0jf46U”]

(If the video won’t play, click on this link to check it out on youtube.)

Meeting all these famous people personally, has helped me see my natural beauty and appreciate who I am as a person.  I have to admit, I do miss others doing my hair and make up though!

Question:  What helps you feel confident in your own skin? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

In case you can’t tell who the celebrities are above… they are:

Tyra Banks
Faith Hill
Sharon Osbourne
Olivia Wilde
Jessica Simpson


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