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how to talk to your kids about homosexuality

How To Talk To Your Kids About Homosexuality

by Dr. Kathryn Knight

talk to your kids about homosexuality

Five truths for you to discuss the push to normalize homosexuality:

Homosexuality is being paraded in public like never before. Where once people kept their sex lives private, the homosexual lifestyle is the opposite: bold, in-your-face, personal information on display. This is exactly why we need to know how to talk to our kids about homosexuality. Our kids see it everywhere and there is tremendous pressure to accept and act on homosexual thoughts. As Christian parents, we need to teach our kids the truth about human sexuality.


First of all

Remember who is behind the homosexual agenda. Homosexuality is one of Satan’s weapons against mankind to destroy imago deo, people made in the image of God. Satan is the father of lies and he seeks to kill and destroy as many human souls as possible.


Homosexuality is sin and the Bible says it is wrong. Starting in Genesis, God made a human couple – a man and a woman – and He said “it was very good” in Genesis 1:31. Many people say, well, that’s Old Testament. But the New Testament clearly teaches against all sexual sin, including homosexuality. Remind kids that ANY sex outside of a biblical marriage is sin (see Mark 7:21-22, Romans 13:12-14, I Cor. 6:18, etc).  You can’t simply know how to talk to your kids about homosexuality. You have to also carefully choose what you allow into your homes and minds through media or other sources; sexual sin is rampant and homosexuality is not the only sexual sin our kids are seeing in this world.


Homosexual behavior is a choice. There are many people who chose to act on homosexual thoughts who have now renounced that behavior (Laura Perry and Dennis Jernigan are two examples). The world says that people who identify as homosexuals were born that way. Every person was born with a sinful nature, but God calls on all of us to put aside our former sinful selves…be renewed through faith in Christ alone…not believe the lies of Satan. We are all sinners in need of a Savior and all sin separates us from God. Homosexuality is a choice from which people must repent.


We must love the sinner and tell them the Truth. There is a saying, “Love the sinner, hate the sin,” but I think too many people get stuck on the “hate the sin” part. I think a better mindset would be more like that of Jesus. He loved sinners and ministered to them but never condoned nor excused their sin. We must do no less.  Love your children and tell them of the glorious freedom from ALL sin available through Christ.  If your kid announces that they think they are homosexual, do not panic nor get angry with them. Remember that God Himself chose you to be that kid’s parents. Remind your kid that no matter what, you will love them, but that you cannot agree with them in sin. Pray for them and with them. 

And lastly,

Discuss behaviors that are nonbiblical even if talking about sex makes you squirm (a word of caution: do not inadvertently provide too much information or topics that are too graphic to your kids, especially when they are young. You can say things like, “some people think a boy can marry a boy. But the Bible teaches that boys only marry girls,” and still preserve their innocence. Teach your kids to stand on what the Bible says. Address cultural issues from a Christian worldview and teach your kids to discern what the Bible says. 

Time to take action

We as Christians need to love people who are in the homosexual lifestyle and pray for them. We need to minister to their needs. But we cannot agree with them in their sin. If anyone refuses to acknowledge God and confess sin and ask God for forgiveness through the blood of Christ, the Bible says they will be judged: separated from God for eternity when they die. The Christian church has for years treated people who chose to live as homosexuals poorly. Moreover, that is wrong but so is condoning a lifestyle that is based on sinful behavior. We must stand strong on what the Bible says about sexual sin. 

I pray this article helped you know how to talk to your kids about homosexuality.

Dr. Kathryn Knight is a 20+ year homeschool veteran who has graduated with three of her five children.

Kathryn loves to find creative ways to make learning hands-on so brain synapses connect and her kids enjoy school and remember what they’ve learned.

Focus on the Family has a great FAQ page on answering confusing questions and a great article on how to respond in love to a child who comes out as homosexual.

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