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Hallmark Jumps on the LGBTQ Bandwagon

Hallmark used to be the place for clean, family-friendly promotion of conservative values. Well, not anymore. They have now joined the LGBTQ bandwagon diversity crusade and will soon be integrating homosexuality, gay characters, and transgender storylines.

The bibilical truth (see Romans 1:18-28) does not change because of politics and social movements. One Million Moms is campaigning for families to boycott the Hallmark Channel and related products. For more information on that campaign, CLICK HERE.

To recap, just about every mainstream media outlet and streaming service, including Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, YouTube, Nick, and many others are giving in and promoting LGBTQ lifestyles, anti-family values, pornography and meaningless sex, witchcraft and spiritualism as well outright rejection of God.

If you want SAFE, family-friendly entertainment that promotes Christian values, use streaming services such as:

  • PureFlix
  • Crossflix
  • TBN
  • VidAngel
  • Minno


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