Event Set-Up Resources

Here are Tina’s event set-up resources. She is excited to come share this message in your community! The next biggest step is to inform as many people as possible about your event. To help with advertising, you can download any of the following documents, radio ad and photos for your promotional purposes. Tina requires that ALL fliers and posters be approved by her first before distribution.

We also have previous event fliers and posters below that you can use as examples on how to create your own promotional materials.

In addition, Tina has done many radio show interviews prior to her speaking events and is available to do a guest appearance on your local stations per your request. If you have any questions, please call or email Tina’s booking agent or email Tina directly at: info@counterculturemom.com.


This 30 second radio spot is perfect for your local radio stations to announce your upcoming event. The blank section at the end is for the host to announce your date, location, and time.





If you are stuck on how to design a flier for your upcoming event, here are several past event fliers you can download and use to get some ideas.